Meet The Nettes

Hey girl! I’m Antoinette, the baby baby. Yep, I’m 10 minutes younger than Anjanette, and yes that counts! I’m a wife and the mother of two sweet boys, 19 and 13. I’m a licensed Speech-Language pathologist, but I’m currently taking a break.

So, as you can see, my style is a bit more on the preppy side. I guess I would call it preppy with an edge. This is one of those outfits that came together just like I had it pictured in my head. When I saw this Buffalo Check vest, I was so excited I bout peed my pants!! It’s a Chaps from Kohl’s. Unfortunately it was purchased last year. Here is a similar version. This white blouse is a classic from Talbot’s. Now these jeans took some searching. I needed a pair that would help combat the dreaded 50 year old Flat Ass Syndrome. These babies push that booty back up where it belongs.

Lord I love how put together I feel in this outfit.Now for my “Going Out” outfit. I usually start with the afore mentioned booty popping jeans, add a sexy Cami and a simple black jacket. Oh, and don’t forget some badass leopard print heels to complete the sexy vibe. Yes, it’s ok to be 50 and sexy. Everybody likes to look HOT and turn some heads on occasion. This ole girl’s still got it going on!!!!

So glad you stopped by today! Please check back in Wednesday to meet the next Nette! You won’t be disappointed!


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