Next Up, Kohl’s!

I love Kohl’s for a bargain!! And how about those Kohl’s bucks too?? Score!

Word to the wise when shopping at Kohl’s whether online or in store, NEVER EVER EVER EVER pay full price for anything! As soon as you do they will have it on sale the very next day. Will make you say a lot of wordy derds!

The good news is almost everything is on sale now, because they are trying to get rid of their winter inventory. And, in some cases, it’s marked down plus BOGO 50% off. Double score!

Plus, if you do buy something online & it doesn’t work out, it’s super easy to return it at your local Kohl’s. I love that! Hassle free.

So, go online to or head over to your local Kohl’s for some great bargains. There’s something for everyone!

1. New Year’s resolution #1, Buy More Red!! Don’t judge, you have your resolutions & I have mine. To hell with losing weight, working out more & eating healthy!! As you may recall from my Christmas post, I realized I own nothing red. Now dry those tears, because Jennifer Lopez has come to the rescue!! This luscious ruby red sweater is from the Jennifer Lopez collection. That’s right, now you too can look like Jenny from the block.  If your neck is vertically challenged like mine, you will appreciate & love the boat neck. The dolman sleeves are a great cover for those less than perfect arms (I’m sure you’re at the gym working on them as we speak).

One resolution down, 5,000 more to go!!

2. Chukka boots are back!!! And these fur trimmed ones from Sonoma are super cute!!  Yes, I will admit that my sisters & I used to make fun of our oldest brother Ray for wearing chukka boots for years & years & years. Who would’ve thought that he would become a trendsetter. Lol!! What goes around comes around! These boots would look great paired with jeans or leggings & with this butt freezing weather the fur trim is a god send!

3. Do you find that even though you may own a gazillion earrings, you choose the same pair over and over??? That’s these earrings for me! I have them in silver & my resolution (2 down, 4,999 to go 😁) is to get them in gold too. They are super lightweight & go with so many different outfits. Plus, I get compliments on them every time I wear them. Flattery will get you everywhere in my book!💋💋💋

4. Purple is the color of royalty and that’s exactly how you’ll feel in this regal ultra feminine silky blouse. I love the way the hem is tiered for a layered effect. Plus purple looks great on all skin tones. Just add a pretty necklace & earrings & some black or gray pants & CEO here you come! Or, if you’re meeting with your royal subjects, throw on some pearls & a tiara & sashay shante’ away!

5. What do you need to rock your new J Lo ruby red sweater?!?! An equally super fab J Lo ring! Oh yeah!  It doesn’t matter if you have Donald Trump sized hands or big ol’ manly man hands, this  genuine imitation gold ring will stretch to fit just like your favorite sweatpants. How cool is that?!? J Lo’s love may not cost a thing, but her rings do. Lol!

Us Nettes love a good sale and have really enjoyed having y’all tag along. Please come back Monday to see how we style our favorite sweaters and boots! Have a great weekend! Stay warm my friends.


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