You Can’t See Me!

Pants// Tee // Jacket// Booties// Glasses

Camo has got to be one of my absolute favorite patterns!! It’s not just for hunters and the military anymore. I have enough camo to outfit a squadron. Anytime I see it I’m just drawn in. Maybe it’s the Redneck in me. I have camo pants, a camo vest, a camo jacket, a camo sweater, etc. etc. etc. Hey maybe if I wore all my Camo at the same time it would be like an invisibility cloak!! I could sneak around and listen to all the wonderful things people say about me. Lol. I digress. I’m always in search of the perfect camo shirt. No luck so far. I guess it’s hiding from me ( Oh I do crack myself up!!). But seriously, if you have one, let me know!!!

My favorite way to style camo is, of course, with denim. That’s a no brainer. Camo pants with a plain white Tee and a cute jean jacket is LIFE!!! Or, since I treat camo as a neutral, you can pair a striped shirt with that same denim jacket. Throw on your favorite booties (yes these are the Sam Edelmans I told you about!! They are the BEST!!!), and you’re cute, comfy and a bit badass!

Vest// Tee// Jeans// Booties

This camo vest is one of my all time best finds at TJ Maxx. I saw it and thought “Uh-Oh I just promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore clothes this month.” Then I snickered and put that bad boy in my cart. Sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do. I’m so glad I didn’t pass this one up. It’s cool but has a stylish cut that makes me feel chic. Again, pair it with your favorite white Tee, your favorite skinny jeans and booties and BAM, you’re a ROCK STAR!

How do you wear your camo?? We would love to hear from you! Come back Wednesday to see a sexy take on Camo.


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  1. Camos are the ultimate cool…and you wear them well. Since I am a lover of hats…will let you see what I got when I get myself to the Army Surplus Store…you had better get there before me…or I will totally out do you…. just saying…

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