Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Jacket// Tank// Pants// Boots// Necklace

Let me introduce you to my beautiful fashionista friend, Shawnte. I love going to work each day just to see what fabulous shirt or pants or jacket or purse or shoes or jewelry this sassy lady will be styling. Day in and day out I’m resigned to wearing boring old scrubs. Black, gray, teal or blue. Black, gray, teal or blue. 😴😴😴 So, it is a feast to my soul when Shawnte sashays into the office. She is such an inspiration to me. She always looks so put together & her makeup & hair is always on point. And, on top of that, she always finds the best bargains!! She’s one of those folks who can take an $8.00 dress from the Target clearance rack & make it look like a million bucks!! Don’t you just hate her??? I would too if she wasn’t so dang nice & funny & smart.

Now when she told me that she had a camo blazer, I was like “a what blazer?!?!”  Camo pants, yes. Camo shirt, yes. Camo jacket, yes. But a camo blazer?!? (Sorry couldn’t find a blazer. Here is another option). But check it out! Cute, huh?!? I told ya’ll she can put on anything & make it look great. She just paired it with a pair of olive green Michael Kors pants (Similar pants here) a cream tank & some sassy lace up the side boots from Cato (Similar pair here) And don’t forget the accessories! She is all about the accessories!! A chunky gold necklace, earrings & watch & you too will look 100% put together. Camo has certainly come a long way! New day dawning!

Thanks Shawnte for being my muse this week and always.

We’re so glad you’ve joined us this week for all our Camo fun!!! What does next week hold? Check back Monday to see!


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  1. Yes Shawnte’ is always on point with fashion, make up and hair. She is such a fashionista on a budget. She is a single mom who also has great fashion buys for her son Cameron aka Cam. I am really proud of her and her accomplishments.

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