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Jacket// Jeans// Scarf// Shirt// Earrings// Boots

Ha! Did you think you came to the wrong Blog?? Did you think, “Damn, Antoinette got young and hot!”? Lol. Nope you’re in the right place. Welcome to our first “Guest Nette” week. We thought maybe you were getting tired of looking at our mugs, so we decided to feature some of our fashionista friends. Let me introduce you to my dear friend Carla. Isn’t she just the prettiest little thing?? Can you believe she just had a baby (cue puking sound)?? Carla and I met at work about 6 years ago, and have worked to keep our friendship strong. As I’ve gotten older, my circle of true friends has gotten smaller and smaller. Through life’s ups and downs, you come to realize who’s truly got your back. Carla is a keeper. I just love her!!

I’ve always admired Carla’s style and the way she owns it! She’s classy and sexy at the same time. It helps to be a hot saucy Puerto Rican (y’all should hear her roll out some Spanish at 100 mph). Even though we worked with small children, Carla would rock her 4″ stilettos and bright red lipstick with confidence. I couldn’t wait for her to show up to work so I could see what cool ass outfit she was wearing! Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Carla is a bit younger than me. Lol. I’ve had the joy of watching her and her style grow and evolve. Her style is still trendy but has grown more classic, but never boring. Even as a new Mama, Carla makes the effort to always look pulled together. Hell I barely got a shower the first six months of my babies’ lives. I don’t know how she does it. I hope you will find her as inspirational as I do.

Vest// Shirt// Jeans// Shoes// Necklace//Clutch

As always, we are so happy you dropped by! I can’t wait to see who Anjanette’s Guest Nette will be!! Come back Wednesday, and we will find out together.


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