First Fashion Inspiration

When I began thinking about the person whose fashion style has inspired me the most, my MaMa immediately came to mind. I mean, our entire blog is dedicated to her.  Myrtle was one sharp lady!

From a very young age I remember my Mama (and no, it was NEVER Mom. It was either Mama or Ma.) dressing my sister and I exactly alike. Do you know what that means? She had to plan what we were going to wear every single day. No just throwing on whatever all willy nilly. I remember wearing what were then called granny boots in white patent leather and hot pants (shorts) to first grade. Myrtle was always up on the trends. I’m not really sure how she did it, but she did.  My other friends hated when their Mothers would shop for them and pick out their clothes. Not us! We were excited every time she came home from the mall or the exchange (clothing stores for military families).

Shopping was one of Mama’s favorite things to do, and one of our favorite things to do together.  There was always something to shop for.  According to Myrtle, there were outfits for church and outfits for grocery shopping and outfits for shopping.  All of those outfits required shoes and pocketbooks and jewelry to pull them together.  There was ALWAYS an excuse for a trip to the mall.  Mama was smart though. She could find the best bargains and knew when certain stores marked down their merchandise.

I also learned the art of telling the little white lie from my Southern Baptist Mama.  My Daddy would always notice when she wore something new.  Whenever he questioned her she would say “Ray, I wore this same thing last week” or “I’ve had this forever”.  Of course, she had just snuck the item(s) in from the trunk of her car where she had been hiding it for a week. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to feed her need for fashion.

Myrtle Virginia Moore Hall was propa Southern (said with a drawl) when it came to many things.  A lady always wore pantyhose and a slip.  God forbid anyone see your bare legs!!! Your pocketbook and shoes must match. You powdered your nose, applied your lipstick and had your hair done.  Mama had a standing salon appointment every Friday so her hair would look good for church on Sunday morning.

Mama followed the rules of fashion etiquette in public, but when she was home, all pretense fell by the wayside.  She would lose the bra as fast as she hit the door and slip into her favorite housecoat. This was her uniform whenever she wanted to be comfortable.  Myrtle was as particular about her housecoats as she was her other clothes.  They had to have pockets to hold her pack of cigarettes and nothing elastic or binding around the sleeves or neck.  Whenever we had friends over, we had to let Mama know before they came in the house so she could put her bra and slip on. Yes, a slip under her housecoat. Just in case!

Although I do not adhere to all of the fashion rules that she followed, I learned everything I know about looking appropriately pulled together from my Mama.  It is ALWAYS better to be over dressed than under.

My Mama was always a snazzy dresser.  From the time she was a teenager to when she was married and later became a mother, she always found the time to look like the classy woman that she was.  I thank her today for teaching me it is always worth the time it takes to look sharp as a tack.  It just makes you feel good!

Who was your fist fashion inspiration?? We would love to hear. Join us back here Friday for Raenette’s surprise Guest Nette.


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  1. I loved reading all three of your special guest posts this week, but this one about Ms. Mrytle really made me smile. Brought back memories!

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