Casual Winter Outfits

Sweater// Leggings// Boots// Hat

When I hear the word “casual” I think uh oh. You know, like when you get an invitation to an event, and it says to come dressed in business casual attire. What the what? Whoever came up with that term should be slapped.  Casual means many different things to many different people. For me, there are casual clothes you wear in the comfort of your own home that only people who love you and know you well should be subjected to. The old ratty t-shirt and 2 sizes too big sweatpants are for your family, not the rest of us. Trust me on this one.

Thanks to Myrtle (if you don’t know who she is, go read my post from last Wednesday) I am not capable of going out in public looking too terribly crappy. Ok, I did wear my house shoes to work one day, but that was a total accident.  No one believes me when I say you can be comfortable and still look totally pulled together.  Even on cold and rainy days, getting dressed to go out into the world can be fun!  With the gloomy weather we have had lately, I’ve gotten a lot of chances to wear my Hunter Rain Boots.  Yes, they are pricey but NOT when you catch them on sale (which happens quite often).  You have to be resourceful when you don’t want to pay full price for the good stuff.  There are so many ways to find bargains these days. Don’t forget to check out Rue La La, Zulily, and Bluefly.  You can also pick up an equally cute pair of goulashes from either Walmart or Target. I just love the color pop they give to my all black outfit.  I picked this sweater up a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t stop wearing it.  It’s the perfect weight and length.  I added a white long-sleeved tee under it and pulled on a pair of black jeggings.  I just love greeting everyone I see with the salutation  “hello beautiful”. There are many days of the year when I find it necessary to wear a hat. Let me see…rainy days, snowy days and pretty much the entire summer.  Why? Well, when this SUPER naturally curly hair is exposed to any type of moisture, poof! I end up looking like a drowned poodle. NOT a good look I tell ya.  I loved this cute newsboy hat with its little flower embellishment. Voila, hair under control.

Sweater// Shirt// Vest// Jeans// Boots

I have to admit, I have not been a vest loving girl for long.  I always thought they were meant for folks who were way more outdoorsy than me.  But, once I came to a point in my life where my body temperature could go from 98.6 degrees to 500 degrees in 10 seconds flat, I have come to appreciate their flexibility.  This cute little black on black polka-dot vest is just perfect.  It is lightweight but cozy enough for NC winters.  It has gold accents and gathers in the back to give it and you some shape.  Today I paired it with my heart sweater that I got on sale at Loft for like $12.99. At that price, they didn’t last long, but you can find a just as cute but not quite as cheap one here.  Under the sweater is my all time favorite gauzy gingham shirt I got from Macy’s.  This is a summer weight shirt, but it works under a sweater.  The coated red jeggings (coated means they have a wax finish that makes them appear leathery) I picked up from H&M.  The final addition to my ensemble are these low cut moto style rain boots from Hunter.  See, cute and bad ass. Kind of like me!

I know you’re used to seeing Antoinette on Mondays and me on Wednesdays, but the flu has hit the youngest (only by 10 minutes!) Nette.  When one sister is down and out, the others step up to the plate. Antoinette will be back either Wednesday or Friday.  You’ll just have to check back in and see.


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  1. Hats, hats, I love hats….and like you I have naturally wavy/curly hair and at my age how my hair looks is gettin’ pretty I have hats for bad hair days, hats for feeling sassy days, hats that make a statement, vintage hats….and hats that I buy for no specific reason…other than maybe I will find a time to wear it… my Kentucky Derby hat I found at an Antique store on the way to the beach…..all I need is a Kentucky Derby Party….maybe something you Nettes could pull off…..whoot whoot…I de double dare you…..

    1. Ooooo a Derby Party would be fun! I would own a load of hats if my noggin wasn’t so big. Really hard to find ones that are comfortable. I would love to see your collection.

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