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Jacket// Tee// Jeans// Shoes

Well, well, well this has been some week in our house. We have all been suffering with the freakin flu. Today I managed to get my booty off the couch, wash my hair, get dressed and put on makeup!! It was a full day, and now I’m exhausted. I can promise you this, my fanny will be the first in line for a flu shot next year!!

Now onto a much more pleasant topic, cute, comfortable, casual clothes!!! My favorite!! This adorable olive jacket from Lucky Brand was a recent find. I’m a Grade A Sucka for a peplum. It lends such a feminine touch to this military style jacket. Just throw on a cute striped tee that’s long enough to peek out from the hem and a chunky gold necklace. These jeans from Loft are brand spanking new too (Don’t cha just love the smell of new clothes??). I love the raw hem and the side slit on these babies. Luckily they come in Petite so I don’t have to have these cute details cut off. I LOVE the pop of color my red patent leather loafers lend to this outfit. They are oldies, but here is a similar option.

My sister Raenette and I spotted this cute top, also by Lucky Brand, on our last shopping trip. I mean come on, LOOK AT THOSE GORGEOUS SLEEVES!!! And it’s striped!!! I love all things striped! I was knocking people down to get to this top! I just threw it on with the same jeans and loafers worn above. BAM!! Brand new look!! This would be a perfect Casual Friday work outfit. It’s classy casual. Lord I could tell ya some stories about what I’ve seen “professionals” wear on Casual Fridays. Lol.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!! Hopefully I’ll feel good enough to go out with my big man tonight. Fingers crossed.

See y’all Friday for more Cute, Casual looks from the big sis!


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