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Sweater// Tee// Jeans// Necklace

I absolutely love accessories!!! Do you want to know why? Because accessories don’t care what size you are. Whether you’re a size 4 or 14, that bracelet and those earrings will still fit.  If you either gain 15lbs or lose 10, that scarf will continue to pull your look together.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Plus, if you have that need to buy yourself a little something, as I often do, you can pick up a bracelet and necklace without breaking the bank.  Your shopping urge has now been satisfied.

Shirt// Denim Skirt// Necklace

I gravitate to big bold necklaces in all kinds of colors.  Just look at what a beautiful blue acrylic link necklace can do for a plain white button down.  It takes it from drab to fab in no time.  Throw it on with a tee  and cardigan to add a touch of class with a pop of color.

Tunic// Necklace

I like to venture outside of my comfort zone sometimes with my jewelry choices.  I try to stir things up a little.  I recently ordered this number from my friend’s Etsy shop, My Tew Girls. With having a shorter neck (or no neck really), I would usually avoid a choker.  I thought this one was so unique that I would give it a shot.  I’m glad I did!  The turquoise on the ends and the rose gold are just lovely. It’s also somewhat bendable and can be adjusted so that it isn’t too tight on your neck.  It adds just the right touch to my Free People Tunic.

Denim Shirt// Bracelet// Earrings

There are certain pieces of jewelry that are so pretty you build outfits around them.  This is true for this wonderfully beaded leather strap bracelet I found at TJMaxx.  I love the western look of it with my denim off the shoulder top and cowboy boots. Lovely drop earrings in a clear color top off the look.

Blouse// Beaded Necklace

Now I am a girl of the 80’s.  Although fashion during that decade was often questionable, there were a few accessory gems. One of those gems was the add-a-bead necklace.  Who remembers them? Raise your hands!!! No self respecting preppy girl would be seen in her monogramed sweater and corduroys without her fully loaded add-a-bead necklace.  This multi-strand silver beadnecklace is like the grown-up version of the aforementioned bauble.  It can be worn with literally any and everything! That is what I call a smart purchase.

Now not all of my acquisitions of accessories would be considered astute.  That means I ain’t always the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to buying jewelry that I love.  Take my favorite silver flower ring from Silpada for example.  Yep, you are seeing that right! I own 3 of the same ring.  I thought I had lost the original, so I ordered another one. Well, then I gained some lbs (the story of my life!), and it was summertime and my fingers got swollen. My 2nd ring no longer fit. What was I to do but order the next size up of course. Guess what happened then?! I found the original ring in, of all places, the bottom of my make-up bag.  Now I have all the flower rings I could ever need.  And yes, I love it so much that it was worth all the trouble.  I was smart enough to pay less than half the original price by buying the 2nd and 3rd rings on Ebay. So there!

Oh how I love all my pretties!!! Which one do you like best?? Come back Friday to see what Raenette is styling!


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  1. Love how you have paired accessories. Look amazing!!
    Accessories are the final touches to a very well put together outfit!!!!!

  2. Thank you for shopping with
    And allowing us to be part of such an amazing blog. It makes looking beautiful, less stressful and less expensive… you ladies ROCK!!! ♡♡♡

  3. I have to say – this blog has really changed how I get ready for my day. From make-up to clothes, shoes and now accessories- you all have energized this old me! I can’t thank you enough. All three of you are so funny and I look forward to getting your emails three times each week!

  4. Oh Amy, you just made my week!! I am so glad that you are taking care of you again. We all do so much for others that we deserve to treat ourselves well. Thank you for your continued support my friend.

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