Hobos and Buckets and Clutches, Oh My!!

Blouse// Jeans // Purse// Shoes// Necklace

Crossbodies, satchels, clutches, totes, buckets, hobos, small ones, big ones, round ones, square ones, leather, pleather, fabric or straw, I love them ALL! Purses are a girl’s best friend! You can do without necklaces or earrings (but why would you want to?) but you can’t do without a purse, so why not make it fabulous?!? Now back when I was in banking, folks used to make fun of me because I would change my purse just about every day to coordinate with my outfit. Fast forward 30 years and a career change that now relegates me to a life of scrubs. Changing purses to coordinate with 3 scrub colors just doesn’t seem to have the same appeal. Lol! So, I basically carry the same purse all through the week (snooze, yawn), but when the weekend rolls around, I can break those chains and do my thang!

Feast your eyes ladies on this beautiful leather Brahmin crossbody that my sisters gave me for my birthday last year. Isn’t it gorgeous?? How about that sapphire blue color? And the details of the skin?!? Swoon worthy for sure. This purse is as versatile as it is beautiful. You can wear it with a casual outfit or dressy one. The choice is yours. If you like being the center of attention, this is the purse for you because you are guaranteed to get mucho compliments!!

Jacket (Similar Option)// Pants// Purse// Shoes

Now if you’re not familiar with Patricia Nash purses you need to check them out. They’re a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll (I heard ya’ll singing). I found this Patricia Nash crossbody at TJMaxx but they also carry them at Macy’s, Belk & online. This one kind of reminds me of a yummy intricate tootsie roll. The leather tooling is really what sets her purses apart. I just paired this crossbody with a kick ass coral jacket that I just recently found at TJMaxx. If you like it run to your nearest TJMaxx! Also, did you know that you can order from TJMaxx online??? I had no idea! I’m in trouble now. The olive green pants are from Loft. I picked up the leopard print bootie from a consignment shop, but you should be able to find a similar pair online. Score!

Blouse// Purse

Eye spy MORE tooling on this little gray clutch. Could it be another Patricia Nash purse?!? You would be 100% correct! I think I may need an intervention. Just say no to Patricia Nash! Lol! I love how this gray clutch makes an otherwise monochromatic outfit pop! Gray is such a great color because it goes with pretty much everything. Oh, and did I mention it has beautiful intricate tooling? Lol! The black top is courtesy of Lucky Brand and, the gorgeous vintage earrings are from Carlisle & Linny in Hillsborough, NC. I love that little shop!

Now if you prefer to keep the look monochromatic that’s ok too. Just make sure that the purse has a little something extra that makes it stand out, like the cool zippers on this little black clutch from Jessica Simpson. That girl may not know that Chicken of the Sea is tuna, but she does know a thing or two about design & making a boat load of $$$. Lol!

We sure hope you’ve enjoyed our parade of accessories this week. Hopefully something caught your eye or inspired you to try something new. We wish you all a wonderful weekend!! Go out and strut your stuff!!


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  1. How fun Raenette! I too love my bags! Never saw the Patricia Nash options before. May have to have one of those!!! Enjoy all of the Nette’s blogs!

  2. Tell those Sista-nettes of yours you have adopted me….and that I want the Bhramin cross-bag for Christmas.

    And you really scored on the Leopard print bootie!

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