Shopping Spree Part 3

Hey did ya’ll hear that my sisters & I went shopping this past weekend?? Lol! Well, it’s finally my turn to show you my goodies from our Saturday shopping spree.

Since we parked outside of Macy’s, of course we couldn’t just walk through the store without checking out the goods could we? I mean that would be rude, and us Southern girls can’t have that!  I’m glad we did though, because I found this cute salmon colored pullover on sale! Check out the cute bow at the bottom! It just makes the top, don’t ya think? When I got home I paired it with some grey Lucky jeans,  big hoop earrings (you can never go wrong with classic hoops), a pretty necklace and some Sperry topsiders (another classic that never goes out of style). After we decimated Macy’s, we moseyed on down to Loft where the saga continued.

Yep that’s me trying to take a selfie in the dressing room at Loft. I am seriously technologically challenged and, on top of that, I hate taking pictures of myself. But anywhoooo, enough with the whining.  After 6 months of drab winter colors, I’m ready for some bright happy colors, and this top brings it! The material is soft and silky, and the style is loose and forgiving. Check out the cool detail on the sleeves. It just has a cool Asian vibe to it.

Now the black leggings are not meant to be paired with this top, but I do have to tell you about them, because they are the softest and most comfortable leggings I have found.  They are from the Lou & Grey line at Loft. They feel like budda! You will not want to take them off!

Check out these gray joggers also from the Lou & Grey line at Loft. They are just as soft and comfy as the leggings, AND they’re even better, because they are loose fitting! Did I buy them? No, I did not! Why???? Because even though the HUGE signs posted all over the store said “40% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE” these weren’t included! In teeny weeny itty bitty microscopic print at the bottom of the signs it said, “exclusions apply”, and unfortunately they did to these joggers. No way I was going to pay $69.50 for a pair of joggers, when I know they will be on sale in a couple of weeks. Mama didn’t raise no fool!

So, after we tried on EVERY SINGLE ITEM in Loft, we limped on down to Dillard’s. Now, I haven’t been to Dillard’s in awhile, because they tend not to have very good sales, and their store needs a serious updating. However, they must have some new buyers, because they now have a huge Free People section. Boy did we hit the mother lode!

I found the cutest Free People black dress that was marked down 50%, but you will have to wait until next week’s blog to see it. I hope you don’t lose any sleep in anticipation. 😀 Ok, so I’ll throw you a bone and show you this throwback Free People orange and cream striped sweater that I also found. I love the deconstructed look and the slits up the side. It reminds me of a dress that I tried to sew in home economics, but their version is a lot better. Lol! I again paired it with my grey Lucky jeans and some cool accessories. Note the groovy earrings from My Tew Girls Etsy shop. She’s a friend, so check her out!!

Welp that’s it for our Sister Shopping Trip. Thank y’all for tagging along. Come back next week to see some of our favorite dresses! You don’t wanna miss it! Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Style , comfort, and on sale… Winning!!!! ♡ it. Those earrings perfect with ur outfit. Thank you for shopping with We appreciate you allowing us to be a pair of your fashion journey…♡♡♡

  2. How did I miss this….can’t keep up with you Nettes….yall are having way to much fun…..anyhoo love the salmon pullover the most….once it get’s to the hand me down stage…”it’s mine”….hoot hoot!

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