Oh How Lovely!

I have found when talking to my friends that most do not consider themselves dress girls. I say why the hell not!! Over half of my closet(s) is/are made-up of dresses.  They are just so easy to wear. There are minis, midis and maxis. There’s casual, dressy and everything in-between. So many styles. So little time.

This dress from Loft has 2 of my favorite things, pink and paisley. That in itself was reason enough to buy it! Plus, it was 40% off.  Loft doesn’t have that sale going on right now, but give it a week.  It is my first ever midi length dress. I love the way it rises in the front and tapers off longer in the back.  It has a very feminine lady like feel to it. The wrap is a universally flattering style and highlights the girls pretty well too.  Hey, you gotta use whatcha got ladies.

I decided to pair it with simple black stiletto sandals that I picked up from Target for $27.99.  They also had a pair that was practically identical but with a block heel instead.  Those would work better if you like a little more support.  I have to say, these babies are pretty comfy, and the heel height is manageable.

I like the contrast of a chunky necklace with a sweet dress. Come to think of it, I pretty much like bold necklaces with everything.  I have this same one from Target in three different colors. What can I say, I really dig it.

I love this time of year in North and South Carolina. It’s beautiful when all of the trees are blooming, and the daffodils are popping up everywhere.  The little white flowers on the Bradford Pear Trees are nice to look at, but boy do they stink. Don’t be a Bradford Pear!  Make sure you look pretty and smell nice too.  I always finish off my ensemble with a spray of my all time favorite perfume Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana.  It is clean and citrusy.  I can wear it all day and night without getting tired of it or it giving me a big fat headache from being too sweet or too musky.  What is your favorite fragrance?  I would like to find another one so I can alternate between the two.  Like they say (who knows who they are), variety is the spice of life.

If you notice me wearing my hair up in a ponytail more often, it is because my boyfriend Lindsay said I look younger wearing it that way. I honestly think he just likes pulling it. If you know what I mean. 😜

Speaking of my boyfriend, he’s the one responsible for these beautiful photos. Thanks Babe!!!

Thank you for dropping by today! We really do appreciate y’all so much! You know Friday is Raenette’s turn. Don’t forget to check her out!!


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  1. Love the dress! My fav perfume is Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder, not too strong and not too sweet smelling!

  2. Love the dress! All 3 of you girls crack me up! Ran in Loft today to buy those white ankle jeans today that you and Antoinette wrote about earlier. Love them!

    My 2 favorite scents are “Amazing Grace” by Philosophy and “La vie est belle” by Lancome

  3. I love pink, paisley, and Dolce too! Este Lauder fragrances have been a staple for many years. I’m loving the Modern Muse these days.

  4. Love the dress! You look awesome as always! The last fragrance I bought was the Hane More- that you dust off eveu 2 weeks lol!! It’s purdy; but very strong. I only wear on special occasions!

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