Best Dressed

When it comes to dresses, I am the polar opposite of my sister Anjanette. I think I may own 2-3 dresses. I have the obligatory black funeral dress, a wedding dress, and a casual dress. One of the reasons why I own so few dresses is because I get very frustrated trying to find ones that aren’t too clingy, too short, too grandma looking, or just flat out ugly. So, I just threw my hands up and said the hell with it, I’m sticking with the tried & true! I’m done!

Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have looked at the rack on which this FreePeople dress was hanging if it hadn’t been for my sister. Of course she already owns this dress, and she was talking about how it was so comfortable and cute and stylish and marked way way way down! (Ding,ding, ding! We have a winner!) So, off to the dressing room I went, and much to my surprise, I discovered she wasn’t lying. This dress is so soft and flowy. Plus flowers make me happy, and the floral embroidery is to die for! On top of that, it is fully lined! This is a great year round dress too. In the fall/winter you can wear it with boots (see pics), and come spring/summer, you can throw on a pair of flats or even some sassy heels. The possibilities are endless!

My goal is to definitely add more dresses to my wardrobe, especially for the summer (No lofty goals for me! Lol!). I am digging this, this and this. Nothing is easier than throwing on a cute dress and some sandals when it’s hot & sticky outside. You NC folks know what I’m talking about.

Check out my sister’s crazy cat! Looks like we’re having a face off! Lol! He’s probably thinking “Hey, that dress sure would make a nice scratching post”. Don’t even think it kitty!

I hope ya’ll have a great & relaxing weekend! You’ll never guess what’s gonna be on The Nettes next week! Come back and see!!!


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    1. Thank you Jane! Just trying to keep up with my equally sassy, funny, sweet friend!❤️❤️❤️

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