Happy in Green!!!

Rite Mate! How’s the Lad? That’s Irish for “Hello, how’s your penis?”.  Oh, I’m gonna love Ireland!  My sister Raenette and I are traveling to Dublin at the end of April. That is if I ever get my passport!! Ugghhh! My oldest son Bryce has been there since January studying a semester abroad.  I honestly think he is getting college credit for drinking Guinness and Irish Whiskey. The legal age there is 19. 😳 Needless to say, I’m more excited for St. Patrick’s Day than ever before!!!


Sweater// Shirt// Jeans// Shoes// Necklace<

While I was out shopping at Target for like soap and toilet paper, I eyed this cute cardigan in the perfect shade of green.  Wait, how the heck did I end up in the women’s clothing department? Well, since I was already there, I picked-up a blue striped button-down top to go under the sweater.  I put them on with these distressed (tore-up brand new) jeans. They are so easy to throw on and show the world what a bad ass you are.  To finish off the look,  I broke out my Ugg Clogs ( similar here and here), which I have had no less than 5 years. Wearing them is like slipping on your favorite pair of house shoes.  They have this cozy sherpa lining inside of them. And, you heard it here first, clogs are making a comeback. Honestly, they never went out of style.

I picked up this little top hat fascinator a couple of years ago at either Walmart or Target or wherever.  It is small but adds just the right amount of whimsy to any St. Patrick’s Day outfit.  Another bonus, it doesn’t mess up your hair, so you still look super cute. You just want to tip it and say “top of the morning to ya.”

St. Patrick’s Day is more personal this year.  I just today got the results from my 23andMe Ancestry Kit. Guess who is 61% British/Irish? This Lassie right here! That’s who.  Now I can go and buy that “Kiss me. I’m Irish” t-shirt I’ve always wanted.

Hope ya’ll have a fun St. Patty’s Day!!! Go drink a big green beer for me! Join us back here Friday to see more green goodness!


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  1. Y’all make me laugh! I like waking up to your sooo real commentaries. I also admire that you show style in the lower budgets as well as high end. “Top of the morning to you!”

    1. How’s your onions? That’s an Irish greeting for how are your testicles. Lol Thank you so much for your support, Michelle. It means the world to us😘

  2. You crack me up! Glad you have studied how to speak Irish 😂❤️ And you will look cute as hell over there in these outfits! I absolutely live clogs and am glad to see you write that they’ve never gone out of style. That hat is sure to get compliments 😉🤣🤣. Prayers your passport comes in soon! Like wth?!

    1. I am having issues with my Puerto Rican birth certificate. Had to issue me a new one. Just a money maker.
      Thank you for keeping up with us girl!

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