Spring Faves!

In North and South Carolina, Spring is hardly a season any more.  We usually go from 40 to 90 degrees in a matter of weeks, days, hell, even hours!  The mornings can be chilly, but by the afternoon, you have stripped down to nearly naked.  Hence, picking the right pieces to wear this time of year can be tricky.

1. My #1 pick for Spring, Summer and Fall is the perfect white tee. Now, what I consider to be perfect and what someone else considers to be perfect can be two very different things.  Unlike Antoinette, I do not want my tee to fit too tightly.  I like a v-neck that is loose and swingy.  This one from Free People hits all the marks.  It is lightweight and has nice slits up the sides to keep it from hugging my spare tire.  It isn’t the cheapest t-shirt, but it is above average in quality.  So worth the price. Believe me.

2. Now ya’ll know I am a hat girl.  When the weather gets warmer and the humidity ramps up, my hair tends to get a bit unruly.  A great straw hat helps to keep my crazy frizz under wraps while still looking stylish.  I have quite the collection of all types of hats.  Actually, I have quite the collection of right many things. LOL! This fedora from Target is sharp and, lucky for me, it fits my big ol noggin.

3. I found these cute Tommy Hilfiger espadrille/sneaker/sandal mix shoe on the Macy’s website.  I love that it is several hot looks wrapped up in one.  The chambray denim will go with so many of the skirts, shorts, and dresses in my Spring Wardrobe.  I also appreciate that they are not too flat.  Seeing as I am 5’2”, I can use all the height help that I can get.

4. Pastels are huuuuge this season.  Athleisure is as well.  For those of you who do not know what athleisure is, allow me to enlighten you.  It is an excuse for you to wear your workout clothes outside of either the gym or your house and not feel all schlumpy. It is all in how you wear it.  You take a couple of athletic pieces and mix them with your regular clothes and BAM, you are trendy AF!  This pastel NikeJacket from Kohl’s will look cute and sporty paired with my aforementioned white tee and a dark wash denim pencil skirt.  You can also wear it with a button down oxford and a pair of joggers.  Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

5. Ok #5 on my list is the equivalent to Antoinette’s Gucci Belt. I looked at other Moms carrying this bag at the ball field.  I said to myself, Self, that’s a nice Louis Vuitton and looks plenty big enough to carry all of my 400 tubes of lipstick and gloss, protein bars, mini bottles, perfume, my i-pod (yes, I still use an i-pod), my keys, wallet and a small child. I mean it’s called the Neverfull Bag for a reason people!! I went right home and pulled that baby up online and WOWZA!! I could not believe that so many women could spring for a $1350 pocketbook. I mean, what are ya’ll doing that I’m not?! No, don’t answer that.  As my daddy used to say “some people have more dollars than sense” (You get it? It’s a play on the words sense and cents).  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not criticizing owners of this bag. I’m just saying that I doubt I will ever be one. I do have 2 boys who demand to be fed, clothed and educated.  Heck, I have to eat too!  Anyway, if I ever win the lottery and have stupid money, Louis will be moving in with me.

6. Springtime is when we all start to shed our warm winter apparel in exchange for lighter breezy options.  I transition from jeans and leggings to skirts and airy dresses.  This beauty from Free People is at the top of my “want” list.  The contrast in the black and pink is lovely, and the length is just right for the warmer temps coming right around the corner.  I am just waiting for Free People to cut me a break and put this little number on sale.  Right now I would wear it with my light pink over the knee boots.  Once the temps get too warm for boots (when I go into mourning), I will wear the dress with black strappy wedges.  Heck, you can even slide on a pair of flip flops and still look tres chic.

7. The last item on my list is one that I purchased for the first time last spring.  It is a bronzer from Jergens that you slather onto wet skin before you get out of the shower.  I like that it doesn’t show streaks too badly if you miss spots or don’t blend it so well.  Also, the smell it leaves behind doesn’t turn your stomach like many of the other bronzers I have used in the past.  I start the season using the light color.  I mean, you want it to look like you’ve been on the beach for just a bit not for the entire year!  It needs to be believable ladies.  Once Summer gets into full swing, you are safe to switch to the medium/dark shade.  Do yourself and your skin a favor, don’t bake in the sun this year.  I mean, did you see Antoinette’s pics?? Get that “natural” glow from a bottle instead.

Well now you know my Springtime Faves! Wonder what Raenette’s will be?? Can’t wait to see!! Join us back here Friday, and we’ll find out together!


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  1. Maybe I can affiord the fake one! Lol! Thank you for the kind words about our blog. Please keep coming back and spread the word.

  2. I LOVE those Tommy-Hilfiger sling backs! They are adorable and agree on the white V-neck!! Your choices are spot on!!! :0)

  3. Thanks girl! There’s nothing better than a great white tee. And those shoes would be adorable on you.

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