Spring Faves Continued

You know what has not sprung in North Carolina??? Spring!! Wednesday we had snow falling and according to the news folks, this has been the 6th coldest March on record. Now you folks from North Carolina know that can only mean one thing. That our summer will be hotter than forty hells!! Lol!

What’s the best way to get your mind off this dreary cold weather??? By looking at bright pretty things of course!

1. Now I do love me some shoes, and these little platform shoes from Sam Edelman from DSW are right up my alley! I love the multi-colors, and the fact that they have a little platform on them. Like my sister, Anjanette, I like a shoe that elevates me and gives me a little height. Otherwise, I feel like a Weeble.

2. Now, you know if you buy a new pair of shoes, it is ABSOLUTELY manadatory that you buy a new purse too. It’s the fashion law! Check out this adorable cork tote from TJMaxx. Isn’t it the cutest?? And the best part is that it’s only $24.99! That leaves more room in the budget for more purses. Everybody say “Hell Yeah!”. Did you know that you can order online from TJMaxx??? I just found that out a few months ago, and it was like the sky (and a credit card) opened up! Hurry, go online and order you one or two or three now!

3. So, you have your shoes and your purse and, of course, the next item you must possess is a new top!  I love everything about this silk shirt from Anthropologie. The colors and the birds make me happy! After seeing & wearing dull drab colors all winter, I can’t wait to put something colorful on my arms and legs. Wouldn’t a pair of hot pink or kelly green or orange jeans look great with this top?? Or, if you like a less flashy look (can’t imagine who would) you could tone it down with a pair of off white jeans or pants to give it a more classic, elegant feel. C’mon spring, mama needs to wear this top!

4. So you have your shoes, check. And your purse, check. And your top, check. Hmmmmm…… so what are we missing???? Why jewelry of course! I love all of the bracelets from Lucca & Danni, but I especially love this boxed Spring set. It comes with 4 different bracelets that you can wear all together, or one at a time, or mix & match. I have the lotus and the xo bracelet and absolutely love them! I loved the lotus one so much I bought 2 for my sisters. You’re welcome. Lol!  Go to their web site and check them out, because they have so many cute bracelets to choose from. You will not leave disappointed.

5. For the finishing touch & the frosting on the cake, run to Sephora for this beautiful “Mirage” nail polish from Dior. Say “bye bye” black nail polish & “hello” pretty magenta!  It’s like eye candy for your nails, and it perks me up just looking at it!

So glad you could join us this week. Hope y’all got some good ideas to add to your Spring wardrobe. Next week we will continue with the Happy Spring Vibe! See ya then!


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