What’s New Part 2

I love the word “NEW”! It is just a great word that holds so much promise.  A new year, a new friend, a new job all bring about feelings of excitement.  A new dress, a new purse, a new pair of shoes bring me the same joy.  I know some people may think that is a sickness, but hey, who asked ya?  I mean, I know I’m not curing cancer or balancing the nation’s budget, but I am doing my part to contribute to the U.S. Economy.  I’m a giver that way.

Kimono// Shirt// Jeans// shoes// Necklace

I have picked up several things lately that I know will get worn many times this Spring and Summer.  This lovely Lilly Pulitzer-ish mixed paisley print kimono from Versona is one of them.  I bought it to wear to Easter Brunch at my fella Lindsay’s cousin’s house.  I received compliments on it the minute I arrived. Mission accomplished.  And, it only cost me $19.99!  I wore it with a plain white button down from Target.  If I had had more time, I would have tried to find a top in the same pink that is in the kimono.  Don’t worry though, with God as my witness, I shall find it!!  Yes, I am wearing those cute white jeans again. Do you see how thrifty I am being by using them over and over again?  The fact that they are nice and stretchy doesn’t hurt either.  My shoes are the same wedges from last week.  Lord, what has gotten into me? Because of the natural color of these sandals, they go with every dang thang.

Cardigan// Cami// Pants// Sandals// Necklace

Another of my recent favorite finds are these wide-legged chambray pants.  I put them on and instantly feel 70’s chic.  Now, pairing a top with these babies was a bit tricky for me.  When your bottom flows away from the body, then the top should be cut closer to the body.  Well, at my current weight, I am not comfortable wearing a tight tank or tee.  I was not to be deterred!! I spent the next hour trying on everything in my closet, and this is what I came up with.  I love the coral cardigan against the royal blue swing cami. I like that I can wear these pants with flip flops as well as a wedge sandal.  The way they move when I walk is just so groovy.   There’s one of those necklaces again too.  I think mixing lots of pretty colors together is so much fun and just makes me happy.  Maybe it’s because we have missed these hues all winter long.

So those are just a few of my favorite new finds. Lord knows I could show ya plenty more! Lol! Don’t forget to come back by Friday to see what Raenette has found.


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