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Taking a basic piece of clothing and styling it in a number of different ways is so much fun for me! It gets my motor running! Well, I was shocked to hear that some folks don’t get a kick out of it, and even find it difficult. What is wrong with people?!?! Lol. This week we want to share our joy of putting outfits together using basic pieces that most of us have hanging in our closets. We hope you will find some inspiration and renewed joy in your wardrobe.

Each of us Nettes has chosen a basic piece to style. I chose my all-time favorite little black jacket!! Let’s get started!

Jacket// Tee// Jeans// Wedges

This little black jacket was such a smart purchase!! It is well made, a great length, and was very reasonably priced. I lucked up and found this guy at Forever21. No I’m definitely NOT 21, but I still fall up in that place like a Boss! You’ve got to be ready to search through some hoochie mama, booty shaking items, but I have found some really nice pieces at Forever21 for prices that you just can’t beat. So don’t shy away from those types of stores.

This first look has to be my absolute favorite!! It’s my cool and subtly sexy look, and it’s an incredibly easy look to pull together. All you need is a cool statementTee, like this vintage looking one from Levi’s. Add your favorite pair of distressed jeans and some fun little wedges. The little black jacket just takes it to the next level. It adds a bit of sophistication to an otherwise very simple outfit. This outfit works for a casual dinner date, a night out with the girls, a shopping trip, etc, etc, etc. I LOVE it so much!!!

(Look at my crazy Kitty!! )

So for Look Number 2, take that same black jacket and wedges and pair them with a simple little swing dress. I found this blue and black striped number at Old Navy last year for next to nothing. It’s cute enough on its own, but looks a little less maternity like when the jacket is added. That’s what I love about a jacket. It adds structure and shape to an otherwise shapeless item. Don’t forget to accessorize with a cool necklace and big hooped earrings!

Look Number 3 is a more professional look. I took my black jacket and added my super badass, high waisted palazzo pants. All you need from there is a simple scoop or V-neck tee and a cool statement necklace. Notice all three outfits have the same jacket and the same wedges. You gotta get your money’s worth People!! This look works in the office or out on the town. I’d probably switch the shoes out for a pair of stilettos for a fancier night out.

See why I love my little black jacket so much?! It’s so versatile, and makes every outfit feel more pulled together. A good black jacket should be a staple of everyone’s wardrobe.

I hope you got some new ideas here today! Next up, Anjanette. What will she style?? You’ll have to come back Wednesday to see!


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  1. Number 3 has it all, simple, understated and alluring, elegant, sassy and bold. A “glass ceiling” breaker for sure!

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