More Floral Pretties!

Well, this has been kind of a down week for the Nettes. First, my sister’s dear friend passed away suddenly, the 8th anniversary of my mother’s passing was yesterday, my sister-in-law’s father was admitted to the hospital and my brother Ray’s car got hit less than 2 blocks from his house. Oy vey!! On the bright side, my nephew Nathan did celebrate his big 13th birthday. Happy Birthday Buddy!  As they say, brighter days are ahead. I have to believe this because without hope what do you have?? So, one foot in front of the other. Soldier on!

Well, first my sister Antoinette strutted her floral pants so, now it’s my turn to strut some floral tops. Can you believe I bought both of these beauties from Target?!? Lord, I do love that store. I had a Target clothes buying dry spell for awhile because I just wasn’t able to find anything I liked, but recently their stock has really turned around. I don’t know if they have new buyers, but whatever happened they need to keep it up.

This blue floral tie front blouse is from Xhiliration at Target (unfortunately it’s not sold online). It kind of reminds me of the tie blouses that we used to wear back in the day with our bell bottoms and hot pants. If only I was that skinny again. Lol!  I love this blouse, especially all of the colors that make it so versatile. For this look, I just paired it with some white capris and a white linen-like tank. I finished it off with some gold filigree earrings that I got from Kohl’s, a necklace from Loft, and the most comfortable fabric wedges ever from Crocs. They sure have come a long way from the old clunky ones that they are so well known for.  I swear wearing these is like wearing bedroom shoes. They are THAT soft!  Now, I broke one of Mama Myrtle’s rules, because I am wearing white before Memorial Day. Yep, I’m a wild wild rebel. But no white shoes. So, I’m only a semi-rebel. Lol!

My second floral beauty is from Target’s Universal Threads line. It’s so pretty, it makes taking the trash to the curb look good!! Lol! Again, I’m pairing it with the same white capris, earrings, necklace and shoes, mainly because I was too lazy to change for the photo shoot. Lol! White capris are a fashion must for spring/summer. I may need to buy a couple more pairs, because I’m about to wear these out, and it’s only April. Now, if I hadn’t had a moment of laziness, I could have just as easily paired this blouse with my mustardjeans (remember those from last week) or distressed jeans or even a cuteskirt.

I can’t let this blog end without giving a nod to the greatest fashionista I’ve ever known, my mama, Myrtle Virginia Moore Hall. Lord how I miss that woman! I haven’t had a decent piece of fried chicken since she passed away. Love you mama & miss you more with each passing day.

So, here’s hoping for a better week ahead. We leave for Ireland soon, and I am beyond excited! Stay tuned to see what we’ll be packing!


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  1. Wow! Sorry about the rough week. Loving these floral tops, gotta get to Target! I have been wearing my white skinnies since Easter! Love you💗

  2. This spring I have followed The Nettes lead when purchasing my spring wardrobe…. I bought the crocs in the cream linen, anoff the shoulder top, white capris & 2 floral tops. Thanks ladies. You make shopping easy for this gal that does not like to shop. And I have 2 friends following you too.

  3. Hey, ladies!! I love this blog!! That tie front top from Target is so cute I’m going to have to go look for it!! And, I think I want those Crocs shoes, too!!
    Keep soldiering on,, it’s what we do!- Sarah

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