Packing for Ireland

This is a very exciting week for Raenette and I.  We are heading to Dublin, Ireland to visit my oldest son, Bryce.  It has been 3 months since he left to study a semester abroad.  Doesn’t that sound sooo faaannnccyy? LOL.  I cannot wait to hug him tight.

I have been considering and reconsidering and reconsidering some more what to pack for my trip.  I personally rather drive to my vacation spots when possible.  When you take your own vehicle, you can take along all of the clothes, shoes, make-up, and accessories that you can fit.  In my mini van, that is quite a lot!! When flying, you are forced to be more picky/realistic about what you bring.  The whole “you can only check one bag, and it can’t weigh more than 50lbs” rule is pretty stupid if you ask me.  Hell, I can fill up an entire suitcase with just shoes.  It is super stressful to pick and choose between all my boots.  I mean, come on!  The ones I decide to leave behind will be the exact ones I need.  It happens every damn time.  I have got to get real though, because I will not be paying an extra $150 for a bag that weighs too much! I need that money to shop and drink Irish Whiskey.

I have shopped just a bit (wink, wink) already for the perfect pieces to take with me.  According to Bryce, it will be in the 50’s and will probably rain at least a little every day.  I have read that layering is the key to staying comfortable all day.

Sweater// Shirt// Jeans// Boots// Scarf// Hat

My first outfit follows the layering rule nicely.  I started with a comfy plaid button down from Target.  I plan to wear it with either a white tank or long sleeved tee underneath and my favorite Donegal OpenCardigan from Madewell over top.  Of course, my Loft jeans will be coming with me.  I’m sure they will get worn several times.  I absolutely love my short Sperry rain boots. The lacing up the side adds a bit of femininity.  A bonus is that they are very comfortable.  My monogrammed baseball cap tops off the look.

Coat// Sweater// Leggings// Boots// Bag

I ordered this red swing rain coat from Loft when it was 40% off.  Just because it is going to be rainy doesn’t mean I have to look messy.  I love the black button accents and the hood that I’ll use to keep my head dry.  I plan to wear this over my striped boatneck sweater with puffy sleeves, also from Loft.  My black leggings from Kohl’s and black combat boots will have me looking like a chic tourist.  Oh wait! Is that a fanny pack I see?  No, it is a belt bag. Ok, it’s the same dang thing, but the latter sounds much more sophisticated.  They are one of the hot accessories for Spring and Summer.  I thought this black patent one from Amazon was sassy enough so as not to bring to mind the thought of black socks and sandals.  It’s actually very roomy and will hold all the goodies I will need for our many day tours.

Dress// Jacket// Boots

Now you all know how much I love a dress. They are just so easy.  I cannot go across the pond without packing at least one or two.  I saw this little number on my most recent visit to Target.  I love gingham and checks about as much as Antoinette loves stripes.  It just screams Spring to me.  The frayed edge is a nice finishing touch.  I know it will be too chilly in Dublin to wear anything sleeveless so, I will be throwing on my silky bomber jacket to cover my arms and keep me warm.  My red glossy Hunter boots give this ensemble a nice pop of color.  I’m sure I will wear them on more than one rainy day there.

We will be sure to post as many pictures as we can of our adventures in Ireland. Stay tuned….


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  1. Oh my – I love those Sperrys! Packing for a flight is so stressful but it looks like you are going to be just fine. Have a super good time and tell that cutie of yours that the Alperi’s are so proud of him!

  2. I love all pf your outfit choices! I always have the same issue with packing…however, I pack a lot but don’t manage to look as fashionable as you will.

  3. Thank you everyone!! We will be sure to post as many pictures as we can. I know I won’t sleep tonight. Excited and nervous.

  4. You and Raenette are going to have a great time! Ireland is on my bucket list so I can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it.

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