All Packed Up and Ready to Go!

Countdown to blast off! Destination Ireland! Fingers crossed that by the time you are reading this blog, Anjanette and I will be in Dublin, Ireland. Pinch me!

Now, I am definitely no world traveler, so when deciding what to pack I tried to follow the old KISS rule. Keep It Simple Stupid!!

Sweater// Pants// Shoes// Backpack

Our total time to get from RDUAA to Dublin will be somewhere around 10 hours so, I knew comfort would be my #1 priority. This striped pullover and marled grey joggers from Lou & Grey fit the bill perfectly. The material is sooo soft and comfy that it’s the next best thing to wearing your pj’s. I’ll probably have them laundered at the hotel and wear them on the return flight too. Of course you can’t travel without a backpack, and this baby is going to serve as my carry on too. I also have my raincoat, a lightweight jacket and change of clothes stuffed in that sucker in case my luggage goes awol. And don’t forget a good book and headphones. The last time I flew I had to listen to some young ‘un whine for four hours. Never again!

Sweatshirt//Jeans//Rain Boots// Necklace

When I was looking over my outfit selections, I felt like I was channeling Johnny Cash. EVERYTHING was black, and I said to myself “self, we can’t have that!” So, I threw in this little coral lightweight sweatshirt from Lou & Grey. I love the little pleat in the back which makes it a little snazzier than your average sweatshirt. I just paired it with some distressed jeans and rain booties, and I’m good to go. I found these rain booties on Amazon for about $25 bucks. I didn’t want to spend a lot, because I knew the likelihood of me wearing them again was pretty slim. They are lightweight and flexible and should be good for a lot of walking.

Jacket// Joggers// Tee// Shoes

Hey, look at me! I’m a Puma advertisement! Lol! I found this cute Puma zip up jacket at TJMaxx. I paired it with a white t-shirt and some comfy black joggers. I swear I did not intentionally set out to find matching Pumashoes, but these were such a steal at Burlington Outlet that I couldn’t pass them up. Oh well! And check out my green bracelet. It’s my Irish lucky charm! It’s going to bless us with good luck and good times.

So next week may be a little different on the blog since two of us Nettes will be out of country. Antoinette said “I’ll do the best I can! Damn get off my back!” Lol. We will send pics of Ireland throughout the week. Check Instagram for updates!!!


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  1. Perfect! I have some friends from Wendell that arrived in Dublin yesterday, Kevin & Evelyn Grizzard along with their son Elijah! It would be amazing if y’all ran in to them. Enjoy!!

  2. I have to say, of all you beautiful Nettes, i think i tend towards your shopping the most. You look adorable and ready to take on those Irish pubs. Have fun! Btw, i love your hair ❤️

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