Oh Ireland, How I Love Thee Part: 2

What a trip!!  Anjanette and I had so much craic in Ireland it was ridiculous! For those of you who are not world travelers like moi (lol!), craic is the Irish word for fun and is pronounced “crack”. A common greeting is “How’s the craic?”  which is basically the same as our “what’s up?” You know we wore that out! Lol! Another fun word we learned was “slainte” which means good health and is equivalent to our “cheers!” We used that one quite a bit too. 😜

Folks keep asking me, “what was your favorite thing?”, and my response is “Everything!”. There are just so many wonderful things about Ireland that I could go on & on & on & nobody wants that so, here are a few (maybe more) of my favorites.

1) Dublin- You could spend a week exploring Dublin and still not see everything. If you’re a city girl then Dublin is for you. Even though it’s a bustling city, it still has that quaint old world feel because there are no gargantuan skyscrapers, and everywhere you look there are beautiful historic buildings and churches. While in Dublin, we went on a Food Tour where we tasted some of the local food and drink. Our guide, Callum, was awesome and a cutie to boot! We also visited the Jameson distillery where we got to do a comparison taste test between scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey (Jameson of course) and American whiskey (Jack Daniel’s).  If I had to choose it would be none, because in my book nothing can hold a candle to some good old Kentucky bourbon! We also enjoyed a leisurely stroll through one of the local parks, St Stephen’s Green. What a beautiful oasis in the middle of a busy city. Remind you of any famous park in the U.S.? We also visited The Little Museum of Dublin whose motto is “see the story of the city in under 30 minutes.” Gotta love it. There was an awesome exhibit of women in the workplace throughout the history of Ireland and also a room dedicated to the band U2. Of course our time in Dublin also included a lot of shopping and eating and drinking. The best part was that our hotel had a bar that stayed opened until 2am so, after a long hard day walking our legs off, we could stop by the bar and grab a cold brew and take it back to the room to relax and enjoy. Heaven!

2) The Countryside- Once you leave Dublin, the highway opens up and before you lies miles & miles & miles of the most vivid green rolling hills and the bluest skies. Lush, green fields dotted with white stucco cottages & stone fences. In every field there are sheep, lambs or cows, and they are free to roam from field to field. The farmers spray their animals with a unique # or name to identify their animals, so if they wander into another farmer’s field they’ll be able to point them out and say, “hey that sheep is mine!” No factory farming here folks.

3) The Pubs- We did several day trip bus tours from Dublin, but my most favorite was the Rural Pub Tour. We left Dublin at 2:00pm and drove about an hour to our first pub stop in the Wicklow Mountains. On the way, our driver and guide, Shane , kept us entertained by teaching us some Irish songs and sayings. There were only 7 of us on the tour, so we got to know each other pretty well pretty fast. Lol! Shane was great at telling us all about the local drinks and making suggestions as to ones to try. Of course, everybody had to try Guinness. That goes without saying. At one of our stops, besides drinking, we also had dinner. I had leg of lamb on a huge pile of mashed potatoes with a roasted potato on the side. Lol! Potatoes, potatoes & more potatoes. They love their Irish potatoes. Lol!  I was just thanking the good lord they weren’t fried like they had been at every single restaurant we had been to before. Not in a million years did I ever think I would utter the words, “if I see another French fry I’m going to barf.” All in all we visited 6 different pubs. Each one unique and charming in their own way. At our last stop of the night, we got to enjoy some live Irish music and storytelling. This was definitely one of the highlights for me. My father was a master storyteller, and listening to the one older Irish gentleman recite poetry and tell his stories brought a tear to my eye. Pubs there are so different than the bars we have in the States. For one, they don’t have 15 widescreen tvs up on the wall blaring so loud that you can’t speak to another person without yelling. Secondly, folks in them are actually talking to each other instead of staring at their phones. Third, they have a homey old world feel to them, with the wood paneling & floors. But the best part is the fireplace. We can’t forget the fireplace, which is the icing on the cake. Picture this, it’s a cool rainy night, and you step into an old country pub with dim lights, casual chit chat, live Irish music, the sounds of clinking glasses and the smell of a roaring fire. Does it get any better?? No, no it doesn’t.

That’s just a few of the many wonderful things about Ireland. There are so many more!! The people are so friendly and gracious. The scenery is spectacular. The pubs are the best. If you haven’t been, add it to your bucket list. You will not be disappointed, and you will get to meet so many interesting people along the way. I’m ready for the next adventure. Got to start saving my pennies!

So glad we got to share our awesome trip with y’all. I guess next week we’ll be back to our boring fashion stuff. Lol. Have a fantastic weekend my friends!! See ya Monday!


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  1. What a story. Wow, your photos are gorgeous too! I’m so glad you had a great trip. I want to find an Irish pub with music, fire and atmosphere!

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