Only Got $20 in My Pocket

Nothing is better than discovering a new place to shop! Ok, maybe finding your one true love or having a baby is better, but this is a close third.  When Antoinette told me the theme for this week’s blog was to go thrift store shopping, I rolled my eyes.  I don’t mean to be snobby, but why do I want to go through racks of other people’s unwanted clothing? Plus, I have found in the past that the nicer shops that carry higher-end brands don’t have many sizes above a 6. It seems that rich folks tend to be thin. So, I usually leave these stores frustrated.

I have lived down in Clover/Lake Wylie, South Carolina for almost 2 years.  I have noticed this little consignment shop called Echo right down from my Publix Grocery Store.  It looked interesting, but I never ventured in.  Like I said, NEW clothes are my thing.  Well, now I had a reason to check it out, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

The set-up of the store was unique in that the items on one side were new and on the other side were consignment clothes, shoes, and jewelry.  I had the best of both worlds.  AND, they had plenty of things to chose from in my size.

I began combing the racks of shorts, tops, and skirts.  I recognized many of the same brands that I usually buy.  I took 2 pairs of shorts, one Lee and one Talbot’s, a Ralph Lauren Blouse, 2 skirts from Loft, and an Ivy and Crown (from Belk) top to the dressing room.  Let the fun begin!!!

The white walking shorts from Talbot’s were cute paired with the Lily Pulitzer-ish top from Crown & Ivy.  Although I liked them both, I remembered that I already have several pairs of white shorts.  Plus, these were marked $16.99 when everything else was $13.99.  Why did that $3.00 suddenly seem like too much to pay?  It’s weird how I’d pay $40 for those same shorts on sale at Talbot’s, but now $16.99 is too much! LOL. Either way, they got vetoed.  I did say yes to the top.  I’m a sucker for bright colors and crisp white in the summer.  The material is nice and airy as well.

Denim Top// Necklace

My second find was this cute little khaki striped skirt from Loft.  When the weather gets hot I prefer either a skirt or dress over shorts.  The air just seems to circulate better and helps to keep my nether regions cool.  Plus, there’s no material bunching up between my legs.  This little number is a great basic and can be worn with everything in my closet. Just look how cute it is with these cute little pink loafers I also picked up.  Guess how much they were?!! Just guess…$12.99! You pay more than that at Target.  There were 2 other pairs of shoes I considered as well, but they were very similar to some I already own.  Yes, sometimes I do make responsible adult decisions.  Another cute pair of red flats with little flowers on the toe were literally snatched right out from under my nose!! I mean, the lady saw me touch them and when I removed my hand BAM! She reaches across me and takes them.  Then she tries them on in front of me, turns around and goes on and on about how cute and comfy they are. She should be thankful that I took my medication that morning.  Lesson learned.  If you’re considering something, take it off the rack and set it aside.

Top// Shoes// Bracelet

My final find was this cute pair of checked shorts by Lee.  They are just the right length and have a little bit of stretch.  Score!  They are another great basic for the summer.  On my more adventurous fashion days, I will mix patterns and wear it with this cute polk-a-dot top from Loft.  My bright pink rubber Birkenstocks add just the right pop of color.

I checked-out at Echo with a top, skirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of loafers all for $55!!! Any one of these items would cost that new.  I will certainly be back when I need my bargain fix.  Now I need to go back and check out the new side of the boutique.

Hope this will encourage y’all to get out and shop some of your local Thrift Stores. Ya just never know! Friday it’s Raenette’s turn. Don’t forget to stop back by!


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  1. Oh my! When I saw this topic I just knew your reaction and I was spot on!! Glad you ventured into the bargain shop!! Looks like you got some great finds!!

  2. Pink Birkenstocks? Cute! Glad you took your meds – not sure they’d give you a PC in prison and I’d miss your blogging posts!

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