It’s Shorts Time

I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but here in NC it’s been hotter than the Devil’s butt crack! For real! Back in my younger days, I loved me some hot weather. Now that I’m in full blown menopause, not so much! I used to be cold alllll the time. I couldn’t even imagine a time when I would run hot. Well that time is here, and it’s been rough. So it’s definitely time to pull out the shorts.

Some years the shorts selection at my usual stores (Loft, Gap, Old Navy, etc.) is nothing to brag about. Lord that’s NOT the case this year! My bank account is proof of that. Lol. I have got to STOP ( If I had a nickel for every time I said that!)!! Today I’m sharing just a few of my absolute favorite pairs.

Shortalls// Similar Top// Sandals// Glasses

How dang adorable are these BIG FLOWERS?!?! And how dang adorable are these shortalls?!?! You may recognize these from one of my flat lays. I am so in love with the overall trend that has come back around. I found these online at Gap, and I’m so glad I did! They are the perfect weight denim and not so short they look like Daisy Dukes (Look at that girl with her Daisy Dukes on. 🎶). Of course the straps are adjustable too. This polka dot top from Loft is one of my absolute favorites! Unfortunately it’s no longer available online, but here’s a similar top. Now I recently wore this exact outfit out thinking I was super cute. I didn’t get one freakin compliment! Don’t you hate when that happens. I mean, come on, you better appreciate my cuteness. Lol.

Shorts// Sweater// Shoes

Next up is my homage to the Royal Wedding. Beautiful lace shorts call for a fancy tiara. And check out my royal wave. I would have made one Hell of a princess!! I recently (as in yesterday) purchased these lovely, lace beauties while I was making returns to Loft. I tried, I really did, to go straight to the register to make my returns. Those tricky folks had all their shorts strategically placed within eyesight of the register. I mean they practically jumped in my bag. What’s a shopaholic to do?? When I first picked these up I thought, “Now Antoinette, those might be a bit short for your luscious thighs”. I was pleasantly surprised. They aren’t quite as short as you may think. I lucked up and found this sleeveless sweater in almost the exact same shade of cream. The monochromatic look is so rich and classy to me. I paired this outfit with my favorite wedges, but truthfully I think I can do better. I’m gonna keep working on it.

Shorts// Sweater// Sandals// Necklace

All Aboard!! Just look at this beautiful little train! The train conductor was sweet enough to let me and my best bud, Lisa, take pictures on it. The colors go so well with my little red, white and blue shorts. In addition to the patriotic colors, these guys have the cutest little ruffle accent down the front. I went full on preppy with this look, adding my favorite JCrew sweater and pearl cluster necklace. This outfit just makes my preppy little heart go pitter patter! These will be so perfect for Memorial Day and/or the 4th of July.

So get those pretty legs out of hiding ladies and strut your stuff!! Don’t forget to stop back by Wednesday to see how Anjanette is keeping it cool 😎. Have an awesome week y’all!!!


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  1. Hilarious! Love all these short sets. I guess the preppy look is my fav, but I’d try on all three. You look great btw!

  2. Love all these outfits; but my “luscious thighs” can only sport Bermuda length at this time!! Love your blog!!

  3. Awesome!

    I love the lace ones! I struggled with age and weight appropriate shorts. Thanks for all the tips! Love the photos!

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