Skirty Skirts

Ok folks, it isn’t officially summer yet, but it seems like crazy old Mother Nature never got the memo.  All this rain and 90 degree weather is enough to make the coolest chick uncomfortable.  I used to love summer, but now I’m convinced it is meant for the young. It sure isn’t meant for a 51 year old menopausal woman, that’s for sure!

When summertime temps set-in, I am the most comfortable in skirts and dresses.  Don’t get me wrong, shorts are good, but when your thighs are closer together than you would like, then a skirt is your friend.  None of that awkward bunching up of material between your legs.  No constant pulling and adjusting every time you stand up or walk.  The air is able to move freely in order to keep your nether regions nice and cool.

Skirt// Top// Shoes

I just love my white denim mini skirt.  I wear it anywhere from the baseball field to a night out with my guy.  The frayed hem helps to give it a more bad ass feel.  I wore it this week with one of my favorite new tops from Free People.  I love the bright butterfly print, but its floweyness (is that a word?) is what reeled me in.  I love a tight skirt with a swing top! Of course, these wedges help to make my stubby legs look longer and leaner. Who doesn’t want that?

Skirt// Top// Tennis Shoes// Hat

Another skirt that every girl should own is a dark wash denim pencil skirt.  Believe me, you’ll thank me later.  It’s cut and color are flattering on every body-type from apple to pear.  You can dress it up with a simple white button down (did you buy one yet?) and pumps. Or, you can go casual with it like I did here.  I love red, white, and blue any time over the summer months.  I found this cute red and white striped top at Versona.  Just look at the ruffled sleeves.  I popped it on with my denim skirt, Converse tennies, and my NC trucker hat.  Now I’m ready for either my son’s baseball game, a fun lunch with the ladies or shopping.  Those are my three favorite past-times right there in one sentence. Ha!!

My favorite thing about the summer is having my baby, Bryce, home from school. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing both of my boys are under one roof safe and sound with their Mama. Life is good.

Stay cool my friends, and come back to see us Friday.


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  1. Love the baseball look – so darn cute! I need some skirts – they look great on you! Happy Summer and enjoy your boys!

  2. Love your looks! I don’t own any skirts either- maybe you should find me one! Lol I don’t like my short stubby legs either!

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