Favorite 5 Under $50

Happy Memorial Day my friends!!! I hope you’ve had a nice weekend with your family. My family spent the weekend attending the ACC baseball tournament at the Durham Bulls Stadium! Lord I do love me some baseball. My NCSU Wolfpack didn’t fair so well, but that’s life when you’re a Wolfpack fan.

This week us Nettes have decided to share five of our favorite Summer finds under $50. While we totally dig shopping, we are always looking for a bargain. $50 is kind of my magic amount. If something is $50 or under, I can usually talk myself into buying said thing with little to no guilt. Over $50 and I still usually buy it, but I have the decency to feel a twinge of guilt about it. Lol. So let’s get started!!

1. Favorite Tee Shirt- I just got this adorable tee from Urban Outfitters for $34, and I’m loving it!! I saw it on several other fashion blogs and knew I had to give it a try. The baby doll style is definitely in this year, and I’m all about it. It’s nice and breezy and is super flattering on all body types. I guess it could look a bit maternity-ish, but that’s something I don’t have to worry about at the grand old age of 51 ( one of the few perks of being old af. Lol) . This little tee is made of the softest dang Cotten ever. I favor a v-neck over a crew most of the time, primarily because it’s a bit sexier. I can always use a bit of sexy.

2. Cutest Little Crossbody- Now I don’t actually own this little cutie (Yet), but I just love this blush color for Spring/Summer. This color goes with virtually everything. While this purse is made of vegan leather (aka. Fake), the cool whip stitching keeps it from looking cheap. While I tend to carry a large purse for most outings, I do love a crossbody when I go shopping. I swear my big purse weighs as much as I do. This little guy is currently marked down to $29.97 and comes in two other colors. Go check it out!

3. Adorable Floppy Hat- This is another one I don’t own yet (what the Hell is up with that?), but truly need for this Summer. This amazing “Sea, Salt, Sun” hat is marked down to $22 at Old Navy. It would be perfect for protecting your tender little face while out on the beach. Lord knows I need that with my stupid skin cancer mess. I will have to purchase this hat per Dr’s orders.

4. Perfect Tank Top- Ok, ok all is right with the world. I actually own this perfect tank from Madewell. I do not, however, own it in this color. No big surprise, this too has my preferred V-neck design. While my arms still jiggle more than I would like, this tank is pretty dang flattering. It’s one of those tops you will grab again and again during the hot Summer months. I’ve worn it with everything from shorts and overalls, to a casual little skirt. It’s so versatile, and at $18.50, it’s a no brainer. Plus it comes in 12 colors!! I’ll be ordering more for sure.

5. My Favorite Foundation- I know I’ve featured this IT foundation before, but it’s sure worth mentioning again! This stuff is Amaze Balls!!! It provides full coverage, without being too cakey or thick. It is not drying and does not settle into my wrinkles ( the few I have. Lol). On top of all that, it has a 50+ SPF. I’ve worn it in the hot NC sun and have yet to get burned. While it’s not cheap at $38, it’s so worth every penny. While you’re at it, make sure to check out their Superhero Mascara. It’s good, good stuff!!

Speaking of bargains, everybody and their brother are having major Sales right now. That includes but is not limited to- Nordstrom, Loft, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and J Crew!!! Oh it’s a good time to be alive people! A good time indeed!

Come back by Wednesday, and let’s see what Anjanette has on her top 5 list. I can’t wait to see!!!


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