Favorite 5 Under $50: Part 2

Well Memorial Day has come and gone and Summer is officially underway. One of my favorite things about summer is you can pick up many seasonal staples pretty cheaply.  T-shirts, tanks and flip-flops can be bought in many colors and styles without breaking the bank. It just makes this shopaholic happy. So here are just a few of my favorite finds under $50. Enjoy!

1. Flip Flops- These Birkenstock Gizeh flipflops are just so great!  They are waterproof, cushy and comfortable and look at the beautiful color.  They also come in bright blue, yellow, orange, black, and white.  At just $39.95, you can afford to treat yourself to a couple of pairs.  I have worn them with shorts, skirts, pants and dresses. That pretty much covers it all!  They add just the right amount of boho fun to any outfit. Plus, you can throw them in your pool or beach bag and be ready to go.

2. Anti-Frizz Spray- If you live in NC/SC during the summer, you are guaranteed to be exposed to several inconveniences.  One is mosquitos and gnats.   Another is stifling heat and lastly humidity.  Now, if you were “blessed” with naturally curly/frizzy hair, then humidity is something you fight as hard as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.  Well, when this add for Color WowDream Coat popped up on my Facebook Page (and yes, they are listening to us all), I just had to give it a try.  Even though I won’t be able to put it to the real test until I make a trip to the beach, it has worked better than I expected so far.  It leaves my hair nice and silky without making it look oily. A little bit of this product goes a long way.  It should last me the entire summer. That’s a great deal for the price.

3. Tie Dye Dress- I am a total sucker for tie-dye in the summer.  It just speaks to the carefree spirit of the season.  I’m not talking Grateful Dead rainbow tie-dye but something more understated but just as fun.  This cute little off the shoulder dress is exactly what I am talking about.  It’s nice and light with the right amount of sexy.  I just ordered it with a Target gift card I got from a client for Christmas.  Can you believe Christmas was 5 months ago?! I’ll let you know if it is everything I am hoping for once I receive it.  Fingers crossed🤞

4. Super Cool Wine Glass- Anyone who knows me knows I like a glass of wine (or 3) when I want to unwind and relax.  Summer is the time when many of us take vacations with our families and friends.  Boy oh boy do we need those drinks then.  LOL. Well lookie at this stemless, easy to hold, non-breakable wine glass from Goverre.  They had these on Shark Tank, and all I could say was “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?”. They hold half a bottle of wine, AND they have a lid.  Genius! They are not leakproof though.  I found that out the hard way.  If the company can find a way to fix that one flaw, the glass would be perfect.  They are well worth the price as is.  Great for trips to the pool and beach or just your front porch.

5. Face Spray- My final summer find for $50 or less is the Ole Henriksen PureNurture Facial Water Spray.  I don’t really know what has been going on with the skin on my face lately.  All of a sudden I am super sensitive to products I have used and loved for years.  I swear, shit hits the fan when you turn 50.  Not to be deterred, I began searching for products to calm my breakouts and relieve the itchy patches.  This product does it all.  I keep it in my fridge and mist my face with it several times a day.  Aaahhhh…so soothing, cooling and moisturizing.  The same company also makes a de-puffing eye gel that works well on those  mornings when you didn’t get a good night’s sleep (thank you once again menopause).

So there ya go! I hope you found something cool on my list today. Raenette’s got more to share on Friday. See ya then!!


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  1. I really enjoy your posts! I wonder how the hair product would be on my hair? Do you have to buy online I wonder or is it sold in store anywhere?

    1. Thank you for supporting us, Shari😘 I have only seen it online. I got it directly from their website. I hope you like it. I think it would be great on your hair.

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