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It’s Friday! Yay!!! I hope everybody has had a great week. It has been a beautiful one here in old N.C. The weather has been in the high 80’s with low humidity. Just the way I like it! But we know that won’t last long, don’t we NC folks?

Well, I thought last week’s blog on skirts was challenging enough, but this week’s post on dresses has put me to the test. Prior to last week’s blog, I told ya’ll how I had little to no skirts?? Well, I have even less dresses. I think the last dress I bought was 2 years ago, and it was because I had a graduation or wedding or something and was forced to. Since then, I have bought nada. Now, it’s not because I’m opposed to dresses, oh no. It’s because dresses are opposed to me. The ones I have tried on in the past were usually skin tight, which is the last thing I need. Or it was made to look like you could put some stakes in it and use it as a pup tent. So, I just gave up looking. So, when I was given the news that this week’s post was going to be about dresses, I thought, “oh crap! I am screwed!”  The search was on!

After much searching and running from store to store, my feet would like to thank the buyers from Target for saving me. I found this adorable dress and one other. Yes you read that correctly, not one but TWO dresses! I’m saving the other for a later blog. Have to leave a little something to the imagination. 😜 This dress is from the Xhiliration line. I just love the embroidery on the front and sleeves of this dress! It kind of reminds me of the dresses by Free People but at half (or more) the cost. I like that it is not totally sleeveless. I always feel naked if my arms are not covered up at least a little. I know, I know I’m weird. But, I can always hear my mama saying that, when you get a certain age, you shouldn’t go sleeveless. Thanks mama! Like I need something else to worry about. Did ya’ll have one of those mama’s?? You know, the ones who told you white shouldn’t be worn before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. Or, that you should always wear pantyhose with dresses. Hell, I don’t even own a pair now. I bet mama is rolling over in her grave. Lol! Oh and this baby is lined too. It’s super soft and flowy too.

Dress// Denim Jacket// Wedges

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Dream Girl Wedge SandalDenim Jacket – Universal ThreadCold Shoulder Embroidered Midi Dress

Have you ever been to a restaurant or movie in the summer dressed for the outside temps, but when you get inside the restaurant or movie it’s 30 below?? Then you spend the rest of the evening with your teeth chattering and your lips turning blue. Nope, me neither. Lol! If this is you, just throw on a cute white denim jacket.  It gives you some coverage, and yet you can still see the beautiful embroidery on the front. Nothing like being hot & sassy! 😜😜

Of course, if you’re going to have a sassy dress, you have to have a pair of equally sassy shoes. I found these nude leather wedges by CL by Laundry at DSW. Guess how much they cost??? Just guess! $50? Nope. $40? Nope. $30? Nope. $20? Nope. I paid $17.86!! You heard that right folks. $17.86! They were 30% off the original price, plus I had a coupon for an additional $10.00 off because it’s my Birthday month. And to top it off, they are super comfortable. Happy happy joy joy!

So there ya go! I survived the dreaded Dress Post. Now I’ve just gotta find somewhere to wear this beauty. Anyway, have a great Friday and a fun weekend!! See y’all back here on Monday.



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  1. Oh I need this dress!! It looks great on you! And, I have those shoes, very comfy!💗👏

    1. Love this dress (and your sisters’ dresses)! Like you, love the look of the jacket with it, but, nah…couldn’t happen! What a great look on you!! Pantyhose?? Really?? Lol

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