Let’s Go To The Beach: 2018 Beach Must Haves

I don’t know about you, but I am Jonesing for some time on the beach!! I desperately need to feel the sand between my toes. Unfortunately, my husband can’t break away for a vacation until July. Waaahhhh!!! The boys and I may have to make a quick day trip before then. In our part of NC, we are lucky enough to be 2 hours away from the ocean and 3-4 hours away from the mountains. How awesome is that?!?!

So this week we will be sharing some cool beach Must Haves. You know, all the crap you need to stay cool and comfortable while sweating it out in the NC heat. Now some of these are items I already own and some are on my wish list. Let’s see how many I can buy and sneak in the house without clif catching me! Lol!

1. Comfortable but HOT Bathing Suit- Yes I’m 51 and still sporting a two piece. And no that’s not me in the pic. Lol. Every year I say to myself “Self, I think you might be too dang old to be wearing a two piece.” So then I go try on one pieces and tankinis and remember my body just doesn’t work in those . I am very long in the body, so the one piece always cuts in the snooch area. The tankini always ends up highlighting my beautiful jelly roll. Unfortunately this is a new bathing suit year. Ugh!! So very soon I’ve gotta drag my big booty to the mall and try on 1000 bathing suits to find just one that doesn’t make me want to cry. Sound familiar?? This beautiful suit from Athleta is at the top of my “Must try on” list. It’s not super skimpy, and I love the wrap bikini top. It comes in a number of colors as well. Now it’s not cheap, but if it looks good and holds everything in place, I’ll fork over the cash.

2. Beautiful Microfiber Towel- How beautiful is the Paisley print on this beachtowel?!?! And its microfiber, which helps to repel the sand. While I love the beach, the older I get the more the sand gets on my freakin nerves! Anything that will help keep the sand between my toes and out of my beach bag is good by me. This towel is offered in a number of lovely prints and in two sizes, Large or X-Large.

3. Neso Beach Tent- Ok, ok, ok this is one of the few times I will admit I was wrong about something. My husband bought this handy-dandy tent last year for our beach trip. Now, I love my husband, but he can buy some crazy stuff. When I first saw this I thought, oh boy here we go again. Well, by the end of our first day on the beach, I was a believer. It did take us a couple of tries to get it set up just right, but once in place it was pretty dang awesome. You anchor it using sand and adjust it using the lightweight poles. It held up great to the beach wind and kept us nice and cool. Winner, Winner, chicken dinner!!!

4. Collapsible Bucket and Shovel- This one is for those of y’all traveling with little ones, or for those of all ages that still enjoy building a sand castle. Check out these super cool collapsible buckets!!! These fold down and fit quite easily into your beach bag. How dang awesome is that!!! They are made from a silicagel material and are super durable. These babies will last for years.

5. Outdoor Wagon– How many times have you been tippy toeing across the hot sand while carrying your chair, your cooler, your beach bag, etc, cussing the whole way?? Well, this Wagon is the answer to your prayers. This guy folds up for easy storage, and the large wheels make it fairly easy to pull across the sand. It’s definitely easier than toting all that beach stuff by hand. I’m all for easy people!! This wagon is good for the beach, as well as all our baseball tournaments. It’s been well worth the $$$ spent.

6. Super Cute Beach Cover Up- This adorable little dress from J Crew works great as a beach cover up. It’s soft and stretchy, and the racerback cut is so flattering. Plus it’s easy on, easy off. There’s nothing I hate more than having to dislocate my arms in order to get out of my dang cover up. Well I might hate evil dictators more, but the beach cover up thing is a close second. If you act quickly, you can get this little gem for 40% off!!! Go ahead, you know you want to!!! Oh it does run a bit small. You may want to size up.

7. Handheld Misting Fan- Ok all my menopausal sistas, this is an absolute must have for the beach (or the grocery store, or the mall, or the bank). Oh I remember those sweet, sweet days when I ran cold. I was super skinny and cold all the time. Now I’m a bit more fluffy and feel like I’m burning from the inside out. It’s a freakin blast! I do not yet own this little fan, but you can bet your sweet fanny it will be mine before we leave for the beach next month! I honestly don’t know how I’ve survived this long without it.

Well I could go on and on and on with cool beach stuff, but I better leave something for my sisters. Now I really am itching to drive East. Let’s go to the beach!!!


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  1. i have not tried this myself nor do I personally know anyone who has
    however, it could be the answer to keeping sand off your towel and out of your beach bag while on the beach

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