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“People all over the world join hands, start a love train, love train.” Every time I ride by this little red caboose in my hometown, that O’Jays song automatically pops into my head. Wouldn’t it be great if we all did this??? We certainly need more love in this old cynical, cold, cruel world, don’t we? This little red caboose in my hometown of Knightdale, NC, certainly came in handy when I realized there was a critical color component missing from my July 4th theme. Red!! Yes, I could have put on a red necklace or earrings or shoes, but I wanted to keep the look clean. Soooo, what to do, what to do? I took my ole caboose down to our little red caboose. This top is a little bit of a change for me since I normally gravitate towards flowy tops that do not accentuate the midsection, but every once in awhile I love a clean tailored top. I especially loved this blue and white striped Ralph Lauren shirt. Check out the zippers and chambray accent on the shoulders. I found this top and these Ellen Tracy lightweight linen white pants from my local TJMaxx. God bless America! Now I’m all set for some hamburgers, hot dogs & fireworks! Let the festivities begin! Happy Birthday America!

Well, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get down to the important stuff. Today is my BIRTHDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! 🎂That’s right, I’m turning the big 61 (I know, I know I don’t look a day over 60). Cash and presents gladly accepted. Ya’ll I work with some great folks, but there is one particular co-worker that makes me laugh every day with her dry and slightly twisted sense of humor and her creativity. Check out what she made me for my birthday. I almost wet my pants laughing! I have my very own Birthday Fun Raenette. This is a custom creation, so you will not be able to find this one in your local stores. While it has the hair of a Barbie, it has the body of your favorite beverage. The set includes: your very own Pink Elephants, extra shoes in case you lose one at the bar, Happy Pill from Doug outside the bar and a fun party light-up necklace in case you get lost in the woods after the “happy pill”!  Then there’s her kid sister “Turkie” short for Wild Turkey. What more could a gal want for her birthday?? 😂😂  In case you can’t see the manufacturers warning, it says: Box constructed by last year’s model “Angry Drunk Raenette” Our apologies for quality. 😂😂😂 Love it!! 💞 Mattel are you watching??

June is full of birthday celebrations for our family; my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephew, great niece and I are celebrating birthdays this month. Plus, we have an additional member who was just born today. My cousin’s daughter had a  9lb 8oz healthy baby boy this morning. He is a little chunky monkey. Don’t you just love babies that have those little fat rolls?? I told my cousin that she was supposed to have that baby on my birthday. Lol!

I wanted to give a big shout out Happy Birthday to this cutie, our great niece, Maddie, who turned 5 this month. Happy Birthday Maddie! Isn’t she a cutie patootie?!? She knows how to work it!

Thanks for celebrating my Birthday with me!!! Now it’s time to PARTY!!!! Have a great weekend my friends!!


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  1. I love, love, love your outfit!! And, Happiest of Birthdays! Glad you got to join the 61 Club!! Have a great one, girlfriend!

  2. Love the outfit!! Happy 61st!! I’ll be right there with you next Saturday!! My Barbie would be Dr. Pepper or good ole Sweet Tea…but I don’t drink anymore…
    Have a wonderful day, girlfriend!!!
    Love ya to pieces,

  3. Oh my you just turned 10 years younger than me… Lucky lucky you! Love the outfit, totally cracked up over your coworkers gift! love the light up necklace, Love Love you. Happy happy birthday day to you!

  4. Haha! U have the best coworker – thanks for the laugh! And y’all better watch cause little Miss Maddie looks to be able to give you all a run for your money in the styling department – what a cutie! Enjoy your birthday!

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