More Summer Shoes and Bags

If you were to walk into my closet, one thing would be apparent, besides the fact that I need a bigger closet. I love shoes and handbags.  There are so many colors, styles, and materials to choose from that my collection just keeps growing and growing! What’s a girl to do??

 Tee// Denim Shorts// Flip-Flops// Hat

My favorite go-to shoes in the summer are my Rainbow flip-flops.  I own a white pair with rhinestones and a brown braided pair.  Although they are equally comfortable, I gravitate toward the white pair quite a bit more.  They just seem to go with everything.  I wear them almost every weekend that we are at a baseball field.  Even though they get covered in dust and dirt, they clean-up easily with the wipe of a damp cloth.  This is the 2nd pair of white ones that I have purchased.  The first pair got washed into the Atlantic Ocean after a fun evening of drinks with my baseball Mom friends.  That was an expensive loss, but boy was it fun!

As you know from my previous posts, I am all about an espadrille sandal with a wedge heel.  The extra height makes my legs look longer, and the wedge is easier to walk in than a stiletto.  The Lesly Espadrille by Dolce Vita is perfect.  It comes in 7 different colors, but the light blue denim is my favorite.  The ankle strap adds support as well as pizazz.  This shoe is so stylish and versatile.

My last pair of favorite summer sandals are these black patent leather thongs from Coach.  As any true Southern Belle knows, patent NEVER goes out of style.  The gold accents add to the high end look of the shoes.  Yeah, they ain’t Antoinette’s $200 Tory Burch’s, but I like them just as much.

When it comes to handbags, I am not one to spend $500.  I don’t care if it is a name brand as long as it is well made and makes a statement.  During the week I carry a large satchel everywhere.  I have always said that if you ever go down in an airplane and get stranded on a deserted island, find a Mom’s purse.  Anyone can survive on the contents of my pocketbook (Southern term) for weeks.  Inside you will find at least 10 lipsticks/glosses, a sewing kit, protein bars, bottled water and/or Diet Mt. Dew, Tylenol, tampons (not used any more but ya never know who may need one), nail clippers, i-pod, perfume, 7000 receipts, keys, pens, sunglasses, reading glasses, toothpick/floss thingy, altoids, my phone and wallet.  Lord, no wonder my back hurts all the damn time!! I just like to be prepared people.

Whenever I go out, I cannot be weighed down by my 2 ton satchel.  I prefer a crossbody because it frees up my hands for important things, like wine glasses and beer mugs.  This cute round straw number from Target is great this season.  It is big enough to hold all of your necessities and is on point with one of this season’s biggest trends. Unfortunately it is no longer available online.  A similar purse can be found here.

Summertime is meant for fun!  What’s more fun than a novelty purse?  Betsy Johnson is a designer known for her somewhat kooky style.  She has a really cute collection of bags that are sure to catch everyone’s eye.  This little straw pineapple with its green top is adorable.  I scream. You scream. We all scream for a rocket pop purse!!! And who wouldn’t love to wear this pinchy crab on their hip while at their favorite beach bar?  It is all about fun and making a statement.

Go get yourself something fun for Summer! You’re only young(ish) once! Don’t forget to stop back by Friday for Raenette’s groovy picks.  See ya then!!!


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  1. Cute, cute, cute!! Love the little pineapple bag….I look forward to reading each week.
    AND…notice, I didn’t wait til Friday!! Can’t wait to see what Raenette will have for us!!

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