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Oh how the weeks do fly by. I swear the older you get, the faster the days go. Now that I’m taking a break from work, I often have folks ask me “What do you do all day?” Why does that question always tick me off?? Maybe it’s the judgmental tone in which it is delivered. I always respond with “Oh I just sit around eating bon-bons all day”. In reality, I stay pretty busy managing this house, chauffeuring my youngest, and running to-and-fro. Now I’m not gonna say I’m as busy as I was when I worked part-time. I’m not, and I’m sooooo good with that.

So, I thought I’d give y’all a glance into what I wore this past week while sitting around eating bon-bons. 😜 Actually everyday held a little something different, from running errands, eating out with friends and unfortunately, attending a funeral.

Top// Shorts// Sandals// Earrings//Bracelet


Monday & Tuesday: Errands

So Monday is usually my grocery shopping day for the week. That doesn’t mean I’m not at that dang Food Lion almost every day picking up something or another. Tuesday included cleaning the house (How the Hell do my boys get so much pee on the toilet seat??),  an orthodontist appointment and a batting practice for Daniel. This little peplum top from Loft was perfect for staying cool while running all over creation. I absolutely LOVE it!!! What’s not to love. It’s gingham, halter style and a peplum!!! That’s a better combo than beans and cornbread.  I threw it on with my classic black shorts and my favorite Tory Burch flops. Simple yet pulled together. That’s what I’m always shooting for.

Tunic// Denim Shorts// Sandals// Necklace


Thursday: Lunch with a Friend

Thursday included running the car into the shop (after the back hatch almost decapitated me) and grabbing lunch with a dear friend. That’s one thing I really love about Summer. I get to catch up with some of my teacher friends while they are out on break. This outfit is my current favorite. It’s so versatile. It can do a casual lunch or dinner with ease. It’s cool, comfortable and subtly sexy. God I do love me some blue and white stripes. Yes this tunic top (Similar Here) is long sleeved, but it’s made from a thin cotton that breathes really well. I paired it with my absolute favorite Jean shorts (I have lived in these babies this Summer), and used a front tuck to show off my brown leather belt. And you’ve seen these brown leather sandals throughout this Summer. This outfit is casual perfection!!!

Dress// Sandals//Clutch// Bracelet


Friday: Funeral Service

Unfortunately, Friday my family and I attended the funeral of my sister-in-laws father. We have spent a lot of special family occasions with Mr. Stewart, and he will surely be missed. I recently had a conversation with a family member regarding proper funeral attire. I’m still pretty old school when it comes to what is appropriate to wear to church and a funeral. Now if the family specifically says “This will be a casual affair” that’s one thing.  Otherwise, I’m sorry, but I feel like you should wear your Sunday best. This beautiful little dress from Nordstrom fit that bill. When I saw it, I knew I had to make it mine. The accordion style collar is just the coolest thing ever! It has a lot going on with the collar, a ruffle and a bow at the waist, but somehow it remains classic. I love tan/brown with navy. It’s such a rich combination. So brown sandals and a brown envelope clutch finished off this look. Oh I felt so classy in this outfit. It made me think of my Mama. That woman loved to dress up!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my weekly routine and the outfits that got me through. No my life isn’t a thrill a minute, but it sure is a good one!

Poor Daniel got to be my photographer this week. He sure was a good sport about it. Thanks buddy!!

Have yourself a good week my friends, and I’ll try to do the same. I know one thing, I’ll be dressed and ready to go!


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  1. how do you style your bangs to lie out of your face so perfectly??

    your comment “I often have folks ask me “What do you do all day?” Why does that question always tick me off?? Maybe it’s the judgmental tone in which it is delivered.”
    is exactly what I get also.

    wouldn’t it be nice if “they” could say …enjoy it, I would.

    1. Girl I spray the crap out of my bangs when I have my hair pulled back. Otherwise they are in my face! I do have some friends that say “enjoy it”. I really appreciate those friends!

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