This Week’s Outfits: Anjanette’s Turn

Hey everyone!!! Can you believe it is August 1st already?  Where the hell is 2018 going?  Of course, I say the same thing every single year.  As the saying goes, the days go slow but the years go fast. It is so true.

Tee//  Shorts//  Sneakers

As most of you know, my weekdays are spent working.  There is NOTHING exciting about what I wear every day.  It is all about comfort and function.  A white v-neck tee, black workout shorts, and tennis shoes (sneakers for you non-Southerners) make up my daily “uniform”.  It’s the same thing day in and day out.

Lounge Pants//  Sleep Shirt

So, when the weekend rolls around, I am ready to dive into my closet and pick out something that makes me forget what I look like all week.    What I choose to wear on weeknights and weekends of course is dictated by my plans.  This past weekend was spent entirely in my pj’s, because my youngest son, Nathan, had all 4 wisdom teeth cut out, plus another tooth.  Boy has it been hard on him.  I immediately went into nurse/servant mode.  I hate when my boys are sick, but I love babying them when I can.  Even though I was in my loungewear taking care of my boy, I was still looking pretty darn cute.  Just look at these adorable ruffled pants I found last week at Target!!! They are super soft and even have pockets.  They were perfect for kicking back on the couch and enjoying that bottle of wine😛 Believe me, a glass wasn’t gonna cut it.

Top//  Pants//  Sandals//  Necklace

Now, if it had been any other weekend, I would have been going out to dinner with my boys and maybe doing some back to school shopping. These wide-legged capri’s are perfect for either of those activities. I picked them up at Loft online for 40% off.  As I have said before, their online store offers many many more Petite options than their brick and mortar stores do.  I just knew my new chambray peplum wrap-top would be perfect with these britches.  Was I right? Of course I was.  I finished off the look with my gold thong sandals and big red beads.

No matter what my week brings, I always feel better when I look better.  I just look better some days more than others. But don’t we all.


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    1. I’ll keep my eyes open for your wrap dress that goes below the knees. Thank you for supporting our blog!!!

  1. Cute cute cute!! That’s such a great shirt for those pants. I can find big patterns but interesting shirts are hard for me!

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