Raenette’s Fashion Week in Review

On a day-to-day basis, I spend most of my life in scrubs. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad if I could wear the scrubs of my choice but oh noooo, I have 5 colors to which I am relegated. They are: teal green, grey, periwinkle blue, black & pink.  I will say that having a select set of colors does make dressing in the mornings a whole lot faster!Plus, it beats the heck out of having to wear business clothes and shoes. However, wearing the same thing day in and day out does get a tad bit monotonous so, I do the happy dance whenever I get to break out of the old uniform mold.

A week or so ago, my dear friend & sidekick Jane (aka Thelma) & I (aka Louise) decided to venture out to the movies to see  Mr. Rogers’ documentary titled, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” I had caught wind of a new theater, Alamo Drafthouse, that had opened up near downtown Raleigh, and I wanted to check it out. I mean how can you not check out a theater that has drafthouse in their name?? Lol! Well, I am so glad we did because it was quite the experience. When you walk in, the first thing that hits you are all the vintage foreign posters on the wall. Then, as far as the eye can see, there are walls and bins full of CDs of all genres and from all over the world that you can rent or buy. Now, for this theater you need to go online and reserve your seat (That’s right, they have reserved seating. oh yeah!). Jane & I learned this the hard way when we showed up to purchase our tickets, and the only ones available were for the front row. Live & learn. Another thing you will notice when you walk in is that there is no concession stand, and that’s because they have wait staff that comes to your seat and takes your order and delivers it. I kid you not! They have a full service kitchen, and you can order appetizers, burgers, chicken wings, pizza, etc. But, hold on, the best is coming! You can also order adult beverages! Oh hell-to-the yeah! They have an extensive beer and wine list. You can also order mixed drinks if you’d like. I ordered a hot pretzel, and it was the size of my head and came with 3 dipping sauces!! It was yummmmmy!!! They also have strict rules, and they abide by them. They don’t allow folks to enter the theater late, and they don’t put up with any riff raff. You get one warning and after that, you get kicked out without a refund. Best experience I’ve had at a theater in a very long time! If you have one in your area, check it out!

Top// Pants// Shoes 

But enough about the theater, let’s get back to me. Lol! When I do venture out to the movies, comfort is of the utmost importance, and these wide legged striped pants from TJMaxx are just the ticket. They have a drawstring waist, so if I decide to order another monster pretzel or meatballs or chips, I can just adjust them accordingly. I just paired it with a cute black loose fitting t-shirt  top that ties in the front. But I can’t let you get away without a sneak peek of my bad ass shoes. I love love love these lace up shoes from Lucky. They have a little platform heel on them, and they are super comfortable! Go get you some, or I’ll pop a cap in your ass!

After our little venture to the theater, Thelma & Louise decided to hop in the car and take a little road trip to Wilmington to hit the beach and visit Thelma’s daughter. Yep that’s me modeling my sexy bathing suit cover up 😆under the coolest circular arbor. This picture was taken by Jane, who has an amazing artistic eye. I think she did an incredible job considering that we had just come from the beach. Also, filters are a blessing. 😁  Our hostess had the most amazing yarden (that’s a cross between a yard & a garden) that I’ve ever seen in a private home. She had every plant imaginable, and it was laid out in such a beautiful way, with different colors of pavers separating the different areas. It was truly an oasis. Just stepping in the yard would lower anybody’s blood pressure by 20 points. Besides lying on the beach, we also binged on Orange is the New Black and did a little shopping (of course).

During one of those trips, I found this amazing bowl. Isn’t the color to die for?? All in all, we had a great time!Thelma & Louise ride again!

The last couple of weeks have included moments of incredible highs and lows. On the low side, my sister-in-law lost her father. We are going to miss Mr. Stewart at family gatherings asking all the men, “how come you so ugly?” Lol! On the high side, one of my good friends experienced the birth of her first grandchild. Ah, the circle of life. One ends and another begins. Let’s cherish every day!


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  1. So here’s to Jane and Raenette aka Thelma and Louise,
    “Mess with me and I’ll wait for Karma to do its job.
    Mess with my best friend and I become Karma.”

  2. When I read this, I hear your voice! I love it! Love your outfit, and like Audrey said about the garden…WOW!

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