Attention Wal Mart Shopper!

Soooo on occasion folks will challenge us Nettes to style a certain piece of clothing. Well this week we were challenged to style clothes found at Wal Mart. Ugh! I have to admit, I rarely shop for clothes at Wal Mart. No, I don’t think I’m too hoity-toity for their clothes. The main issue I have with their clothes is that you have to go to Wal Mart to get them! I swear I need a Xanax to be able to handle that place anymore! For real! And now our local Wal Mart has gotten rid of most of the check out lines and replaced them with self-checkout lines. Uhhhh NOPE, not gonna do it! Now if ya wanna give me a discount for ringing up my own stuff, then we can talk. Anyway, I digress. We were challenged, and by God, us Nettes are always up to the challenge. So I popped my Xanax and got it done! Lol

Like most stores, Wal Mart seemed to be between seasons, and their selection may not have been what it typically is. Even so, I was able to find several cute items that were unbelievably priced. Check them out!

Dress// Denim Jacket//  Sandals// Sunglasses// Hoops// Watch

 First up is this super cute lace up dress. It is soooo soft, and doesn’t cling to all your bits and pieces. This plum color could easily transition to Fall, especially with the addition of a little denim jacket. It was also available in a blue and black color in the store for a whopping $9.96!!! Unfortunately this exact version is not available online through Wal Mart. You’ll have to visit your local store to find this bad boy! Similar dresses can be found here and here.

Top// Jeans// Wedges

Next up is this adorable little plum colored top. Yes, plum again. It’s a great color for transition to Fall. This top was found in the Juniors department and is definitely cut that way. I mean, those arm holes just weren’t meant for my big ole guns! Lol. I was able to squeeze into it for these photos, but this top will definitely be going back for the next size up. This top set me back $9.92! That just blows my mind!! I love it paired with my white jeans, but it would be super cute with a denim skirt, khaki leggings, etc. It also looks cool with my little denim jacket. You really can’t go wrong for this price.


Ok these awesome Pajamas were my absolute favorite find!! They are amaze balls! Do you hear me?? I said AMAZE BALLS!!! I NEVER buy actual PJs. I hang out in some cheapy lounge pants and whatever tee shirt I can dig up off my closet floor. When I walked past these they just called out to me “Hey, wouldn’t you feel so fancy wearing me, instead of that ratty tee shirt?” Yes, yes I would. I love everything about these PJs. The fabric is super soft, the color is nice and bright, and they are striped. Plus the pants are cropped, so no rolling them up 3 times. All my vertically challenged chicks know what I’m talking about. All this for a mere $13.84!!! WHAT?!?! These alone were worth the trip!

This groovy necklace was my bonus buy. I was very pleasantly surprised by the accessory selection found at my local Wal Mart, and again the prices were CRAZY! You’ll never guess what I paid for this necklace! Go ahead take a guess. $5??   Nope!   $4??   Nope!  3 freaking dollars!   Yes please!

So how did I do??  I hope this just proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look cute and stylish.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  So go check out the deals at your Wal Mart, but don’t forget your Xanax!


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  1. Lol. Just what i needed on a Monday morning. Too funny! And educational – that dress and pajama set are adorable and i never would have guessed the Xanax required local Walmart!

  2. Loving the PJs too! Like the dress and denim jacket … I can find SOME things at Wally World on occasion…and their prices are GRRRRRRREAT!!

      1. Going to check out Wal Mart today . I like them . You might try Ross I find lots of going d finds there 👍

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