More Spring/Summer Outfits in Review

Memories light the corners of my mind la la la…. Why is it that the songs that you are not fond of are the ones that stick in your mind??? Kind of like a booger on your finger. With that being said, I can’t believe that summer is almost over! Do you remember when you were a teenager and time just used to creep by, and now that you’re older it’s going by at warp speed??? It totally blows, but I guess it beats the alternative. Lol! I am soooo looking forward to cooler weather. I can’t wait to wear boots, sweaters and scarves, but most of all I look forward to working in my yard and not sweating to death or being eaten alive by mosquitoes. After my big trip to Ireland, my summer has definitely paled in comparison. I do have a little beach trip planned for next week, and I am sooooo looking forward to not being at work and just kicking back and relaxing. No agendas, no plans. Just the sand and my favorite adult beverages. Ahhhhhh…..

So, as you know by now we’re doing a little walk down memory lane. Attached are all (I think) of my outfits from spring to summer. Do you have a favorite? I have to confess that I do not. I think my favorite really depends on the occasion and my mood. It’s pretty much all over the board. So, get out there and vote, vote, vote! I sound like a politician don’t I? 😈

Not too bad, eh! Thanks for joining us this week as we recapped our warm weather Fashion. Come back Monday and see what us Nettes are loving for Fall! Have a great weekend friends!


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  1. 1,5,7 and 9! Ok seriously, which to pick? Hmm, while i love the skirt/jacket for work, i love the casualness of the 1st. So, ONE 😁
    I have so enjoyed reading all of the Nette’s blogs! Happy Friday!

  2. Hey Thelma

    …love the denim dress. I got me one too, but not as sassy as yours. Let’s wear ’em on our next road trip!

    Whoop ass!

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