Let’s Switch it Up!

Fall is coming ya’ll, fall is coming, it’s right around the corner. How often have you heard that lately?!? Well, all I know is that must be one big ass corner because it’s hot as hades here in NC! Come on Mother Nature give us a break!

Top (Similar)// Denim Skirt// Sandals

 In NC, you always have to be on your toes when it comes to the weather, because one day it can be in the 90’s and a week later in the 30’s. No joke! So, I try to keep an assortment of sweaters and jackets on standby. I surprised myself when I bought this black/orange/cream top (Similar Here) from Loft for summer, because it just didn’t fit my concept of traditional summer colors. I’m so glad I broke out of that old square box. This top pairs great with so many things, including this little white denim skirt and some cute sandals.

Top (Similar)// Jacket// Jeans// Booties// Earrings// Sunglasses

Since this top already has all of the standard colors of fall, it’s super simple to make the transition from summer to fall by throwing on a cute orange jacket, jeans and some cute leopard skin booties.  Nothing says fall like dead animals. Lol! Ok simmer down PETA folks I was just kidding.

Cami// Shorts// Sandals// Bracelet 

Ladies, do you have a ton of tank tops in your drawers??  Well, don’t let them go to waste. They are the perfect accessory for any season. Most of the tanks I own I keep covered with a sweater or such because they cling to all of my problem areas. When I found this silky swing style tank from Loft, I almost (well, kinda sorta not) did a cartwheel. I loved it so much I bought the black one too. “Ebony & ivory, go together…” Lord, why do I only recall annoying songs?? Now, I won’t be able to get it out of my head. For summer, I usually just paired it with some cute striped shorts and sandals.

Cami// Jacket// Jeans// Booties 

To make this a Fall piece, I once again reached for one of my standby jackets. I got this cute little black collarless zip up jacket from Loft. It’s a perfect fit for fall because it’s so lightweight. So, even if the temps spike during the day, you won’t end up looking like you need a/c and a shower. I just put it with some distressed jeans and some cute peep toe suede booties from Lucky, which are perfect because they say, “I’m a little bit summer with a little bit of fall.” What is it with annoying songs today?? Make it stop sweet Jesus!

You know what else says fall?!? A big ol’ orange truck!! According to my husband it’s a “classic.” 🙄. Hang on folks, Fall is right around that big ass corner!!


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