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By the time each season rolls around, I am ready for the clothes that go along with it.  Even though I could totally make due with my Fall/Winter clothes from last year, what fun would that be?  I don’t buy an all new wardrobe each year.  I mean, I have pieces that I love that I cannot wait to put on again.  But, being as I am a Fashion Blogger and all,  I feel as though I owe it to my readers to add pieces to my already existing ones.  I’m a giver that way.  You’re welcome.

Tunic // Leggings // Boots // Necklace

Hangin with my Gnomeies. Lol

This plaid tunic from Free People will be one that I reach for over and over again once the weather gets cooler.  I will be able to throw this top on with either leggings or jeans and boots.  I love the sweet lace-ups on each side.  It lends a bit of femininity to an otherwise more masculine top.  The material is super soft and heavy enough for our usually mild Autumns.  I can wear it and not have to worry about getting over heated whenever a hot flash may hit.  I will feel comfortable, stylish, and easily pulled together whenever I wear my new favorite find.  Now that’s a winner, winner chicken dinner!!!

See ya’ll here Friday for more favorite finds.  We would love to hear about one of your favorite finds.  Drop a comment below.  A picture would be super cool!!! DO IT!!!!


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  1. Very cool! Love reading your blog posts! Have y’all been to K&G ever?? It’s a cool discount store that carries a lot of suits and suit separates as well as other apparel items and such. There is one on South Blvd and one in Raleigh. There is also one in NYC across from where u was staying this week! Made me think of it..

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