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Yes today is Friday. No I’m not Raenette. Sorry about that. Due to some time constraints, Raenette has decided to be a once a month contributor to the Blog. Soooo Friday will now be whatever tickles our fancy. Like a Friday Free-For-All.

So today I had the pleasure of visiting with my sweet friend Carla and her precious baby boy. I haven’t seen Carla in about two months, as she was visiting family in Spain. Yes she spent her Summer in Spain! It’s not Myrtle Beach but it’ll do. Lol. Carla and I met at work years ago. She’s an awesome Occupational Therapy Assistant, and I had the privilege of working with her with a number of kids. Lord the stories we could tell.

So how freakin cute is Carla’s precious baby?!?! Just look at those eyes and those sweet little monkey toes! Lord I could eat him up! I’m gonna tell ya the truth though, babies are a Hell of a lot of work!!! While I miss snuggling my sweet babies in their little footy pajamas while rocking them to sleep, I don’t miss chasing a crawling baby from one pointy object of death to the next. While I miss singing them lullabies and patting their booties till they drift off to sleep, I don’t miss doing the crazy Mama sprint across the room to slap that yummy cat food out of their hand. It’s a miracle my boys survived (or me for that matter). One thing I know for sure, those sweet days sure pass by in the blink of an eye.

Now try to peel your eyes away from that precious baby and check out our cute outfits! Yes, we are in the pictures too! Lol. Carla is one of the sassiest chicks I know. I have always loved her sexy Latin style. It helps to have the cutest little figure ever. Can you believe she had the nerve to tell me “I ate all sorts of bread in Spain but somehow lost 10 pounds”. Yes she really told me that! If I didn’t love that woman so much, she may not have made it out of my house alive.

Now do you recognize Carla’s adorable little jumpsuit?? It’s one we both snagged a while back at Old Navy. We were both so tickled to find a cropped jumpsuit that didn’t need altering! Only you 5’3″ and Under chicks know what I’m talking about. She paired it with some groovy cool Michael Kors sandals and a simple Kendra Scott bracelet (given to her by her dopest friend ever 😜).

My top may look familiar as well. It was one of my finds from my last Old Navy try-on session. It’s a sweet little ruffled number that’s lightweight enough to wear in this dang heat and humidity. Today I paired it with my striped shorts from Loft  (On Major SALE). It’s one of the few pairs of my shorts that still fits me comfortably. Some of us ate bread all Summer and did NOT lose 10 pounds. Dang I miss my 30s.

It takes time and commitment to keep a friendship strong. Thank you to my dear friend Carla for making our friendship a priority. You ROCK!!!

Whatcha got planned for the weekend?? I’m sure hoping to spend some time with my oldest and see my youngest play some baseball. Whatever your weekend plans, make it a great one! See ya back here Monday.


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