Hurricane Happenings

Well it looks like my part of NC is gonna be spared from the worst of Hurricane Florence. I have to tell ya, I was really sweatin this one! I took the warnings very seriously and started preparing early. I, like everybody and their brother, ran out to the grocery store to stock up on all the hurricane necessities. You know, water, batteries, canned goods, bread, TP, Hot Fries, BBQ Lays, Reese Cups, Kit Kats, Little Debbie’s, Diet Pepsi and beer! All the stuff you need to survive an entire weekend with your family, stuck in the house without electricity. The other stuff I needed required a visit to the pharmacy! Lol

To tell ya the truth, I almost forgot about this blog post with all that’s been going on. But, being the professional that I am, I didn’t want to let down our 3-4 fans 😜. So I thought, what would one wear in a hurricane?? Come see whatcha think.

Denim Shirt//  Tulle Skirt// Cowboy Rain Boots// Pearls

Ok doesn’t everyone wear tulle and pearls in a Hurricane??? I was thinking “What would look pretty blowing in the wind?” Yes that’s how I think. Yes that’s messed up. But I do love this cute little tulle skirt! I especially dig it with my light denim western style shirt. And YES those are cowboy rain boots!!! I found these years ago, and I have adored them!! As if cowboy rain boots weren’t enough, they are freakin monogrammed! MONOGRAMMED!!! That makes my preppy southern soul so happy! They are actually quite comfortable as well. For real, they are. I get compliments every time I wear these beauties. Don’t you just love that?

Hurricane Hair, Don’t Care!

Ok I know this isn’t the most practical Hurricane outfit, but I hope it made you smile! Lord knows we could all use that this week. Honestly it’s been a stressful time. While we are so thankful we didn’t get the full brunt of this storm, we are sending love to those that didn’t fair as well. Time to lend a helping hand people.


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  1. Perfect as usual ❤️Just thought I would let you know went back to Walmart and got the pjs black with white dots and I love them . May be getting my pjs from there from now on👍

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