Let’s Go To Asheville

So I guess I ruined the big surprise in my title. Yep my best buddy Lisa and I took a girls trip to Asheville, and it was soooo much fun!!! I took my first trip to downtown Asheville just two years ago. I can’t believe it took me that long to get there. I fell in LOVE!!! It’s a small city surrounded by breathtaking views, with lots of super cool shops and amazing restaurants! What’s not to love???

Lisa planned this trip specifically for us to see the Chihuly exhibit at Biltmore. Can you believe I was raised in NC and have never been to Biltmore Estates??? CRAZY!!! I felt so cultured going to an art exhibit at the Biltmore. Pinkies out ladies! Pinkies out!

Y’all, how dang beautiful is this??? Friday We went on a night tour of the Chihuly exhibit, and it was almost magical. The night had just a bit of a nip in the air, the moon was big and bright and the gardens and grounds were lit up with all these beautiful sculptures. I heard a little old lady in front of me say “Wow it’s like being in fairy land.” She was exactly right. Just like fairy land. This exhibit will be at The Biltmore Estates until October 7th. Don’t miss it!!!

So Saturday Lisa and I headed to downtown Asheville. After getting the lay of the land, we headed out for my favorite pastime, shopping!! There is NO WAY you can go to downtown Asheville and NOT go shopping! OMG there is one super cool shop after the other! I was in pure heaven! Unfortunately I was so engrossed in shopping, I forgot to take a lot of pics. So sorry. One of my favorite shops was Embellish. Do you ever walk into a shop and it just speaks to you?? I mean even before you look at anything you just know you’re gonna love it all. That was Embellish! They had so many cool pieces of jewelry. Unique pieces made by real artisans. Pieces I won’t see on every Jane, Dick and Harry. Some of my other favorite shops included Kress Emporium, Tops for Shoes, Minx Boutique, Push Skate Shop, and Hip Replacements. We could have literally spent two days doing nothing but shopping. Fo real! I may or may not have gone a weee little bit over my budget. It’s gonna be Nab Crackers for me this week people. Lol.

Time for our “Eating Asheville” Walking Food Tour!

Pimento Cheese and pepper jelly at The Rustic Grape. So Damn Good!!!

Lisa and Chef Jay, owner of The Underground Cafe with DoughP Doughnuts.

The best little hamburger I’ve ever eaten, at The Underground Cafe. That’s a coffee glazed and beet glazed doughnut sample you see. Both were unbelievable!

Lord I wish I remembered exactly what this was. Some kind of braised beef on porridge at The Blind Pig. So good Lisa and I bout licked our bowls. And that’s a cocktail that included Cheerwine and Jagermeister. I was sucking on the ice cubes!!

Our awesome Tour Guide Anne.

Well this was truly a trip of “Firsts”. My first visit to The Biltmore, my first time seeing Chihuly and my first ever Food Tour. Now my friend Lisa is a true Foodie. She knows her food (stuff I’ve never even heard of), and she’s one hell of a cook. Lisa scheduled this walking food tour for us through www.eatingasheville.com, and I’m so glad she did! It was a blast! We had 12 people in our tour group, and everyone was there for a good time! As we walked all over downtown Asheville, our awesome tour guide, Anne Lehmann, filled us in on the history of surrounding buildings and architecture. We visited a total of six restaurants which varied in cuisine from American Cafe fare to Italian to gourmet doughnuts. In addition to the sampler plates, we were also served a wine pairing or a sample mixed drink. Since I don’t drink wine, Lisa was forced to consume my share as well. She took one for the team and handled it like a champ! She’s a giver.😜

So people, if you’ve never been to Asheville, NC, you definitely need to add it to your “Before I Die” list!! It’s such a cool city with such a groovy hip vibe. I totally, totally dig it!!!

A BIG Thank you to my best buddy Lisa for putting this all together. What a great weekend we had!! I love ya girl!


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  1. I love Chihuly glass! We saw an exhibit of his work in Indianopolis about 10 years ago and loved it. I had forgotten they were showing his stuff at Biltmore…might have to plan a trip soon.

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