Let’s Go to Charlotte

While Antoinette and Lisa were in Asheville this past weekend (Raenette was there too with her friend), I was at several baseball fields watching my youngest, Nathan, play.  It was a good weekend made even better by having Bryce home from Clemson for a couple of days.  So what if I had to do his laundry?!  Believe me, you’ll even miss that when they are gone.

Although it is fun to get out of town every once-in-a-while, there are plenty of fun things to do right here in my own backyard.  Now that it is officially Fall and the humidity is no longer 150%, outdoor activities are a LOT more enjoyable.

Following are the events I have on my calendar over the next couple of months.  Come on down to Charlotte and join me for some fun.

First is the Amazing Maize Maze at Rural Hills Farm in Huntersville, NC.  Every Fall for the past 18 years (as long as I’ve lived in Charlotte) I’ve told myself “Self, you are going to the damn corn maze this year!”  Then,  I turn around and it’s December, and I’ve missed it once again.  Maybe putting it in print will actually make me go this time.  Truthfully, I am afraid that I will go in and never find my way out.  My sense of direction leaves a bit to be desired.

Rural Hill Farm also hosts a food truck rally in October and The Sheepdog Trials in November. How fun is that!!!

Huzzah!!! Another huge event in Huntersville/Kannapolis that I have yet to attend is the Renaissance Festival.  Both of my boys have been with their dad, but I always stayed behind.  I remember Bryce coming home from the festival when he was about 8 with a look of horror on his face.  I asked him how he liked it, and he just kept talking about all the costumes the women were wearing and how their boobs were all pushed up under their chins.  He hadn’t hit puberty yet, so all that cleavage traumatized him!  He never went back again.  But, if large boobs and turkey legs are your thing, then this event is right up your alley.  They also have jousting competitions, strolling singers, and face painting. Oh yeah, they serve beer! Yay!!! Don’t forget to dress the part.  I just want to go so I can say that I went.

Carowinds is a large amusement park here in Charlotte.  Come the end of September, it is transformed into Scarowinds.  They don’t play either!! It is REALLY SCAREY!!! Like zombies following you around the park in the dark scarey.  Like monsters riding the roller coasters along with you scarey. I would NOT recommend taking young children to Scarowinds at night.  The park does hold a pumpkin patch and fun activities during daylight hours for younger children.

Make sure you check AAA, The State Employees Credit Union and some local grocery stores for discount tickets to Scarowinds and The Renaissance Festival.

Sooooo much to do. So little time. Don’t wait! Come on down and enjoy my beautiful city. There’s always something going on!


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  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I’ve been in NC for 11 years and have never been to scarrowinds. Can you believe that?? Its definitely on my to do list this year.

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