Let’s Go to JoCo and Raleigh

So in keeping with this week’s “Let’s Go” theme, I thought why not encourage folks to come to my neck of the woods. For those of you not in the know, JoCo is short for Johnston County. My sweet town of Clayton is in Johnston County. When people ask where I’m from, my answer always goes like this, “I’m from Clayton”. Cue quizzical look. Always followed by “We are right outside of Raleigh”. So now ya know.

I was actually surprised to find so many fun Fall activities right here in JoCo. For those of you that may not want to drive out to the sticks (we really aren’t that far out), I’ve included some fun stuff in the Raleigh area as well.

Boyette Family Farm:

Ok first up is The Fear Farm at Boyette Family Farm. This haunted experience is located right here in Clayton. Now I’m NOT a fan of Haunted houses, farms, cars, boats or anything. I DON’T DIG SCARY!! But if you’re one of those crazy folks that loves crapping your pants when someone jumps out at you with a chainsaw, this is your place! It actually consists of a number of attractions including Fear Farm Academy (Nope), The Black Hole (Double Nope), The Haunted Hayride (Hell to the Nope), The Slaughterhouse (I’d punch a bitch), etc. You can pay for an all inclusive ticket or pay for just one attraction. Come check it out!!!

Now if you want something for your little folks to do, Boyette Farms also offers Daytime activities. These include The House of Dreams (Now that’s more like it), a true pumpkin patch, playgrounds and regular hayrides (minus the zombies and chainsaws). Doesn’t all that sound just delightful?? Perfect for us chickens!

For ticket information go to www.Boyettefamilyfarms.com

Smithfield Ghost Walk:

Now right down the road from Clayton is the County Seat, Smithfield. Although this is close by, I just recently learned that Smithfield has a Ghost Walk. This walk takes you to the historic Riverside Cemetery, where you will hear cool stories about 5 fascinating Johnstonians. It’s like a spooky History class! How awesome is that?!?! Plus it’s super cheap at $5 for adults and $3 for kids. This year it’s actually taking place on my Birthday, October 25th. Hey, now I have Birthday plans!!

Ken’s Korny Corn Maze:

Located in Garner, NC, Ken’s Korny Corn Maze is the longest operating corn maze in NC! That’s right! Your corn maze ain’t got crap on our corn maze!!! Yes I’m trash talking about a Corn Maze. Lol. No I’ve never been, but dang it sure looks fun!  In addition to the 6 acre corn maze (Lord I’d NEVER find my way out), this place has a host of other activities including Rubber Duck Races, A children’s maze, hay rides, wooden play structures, a rope maze, etc. This bad boy is open from September 22nd to November 11th, so you have plenty of time to check it out. Hours vary, so make sure to go to www.kenskornycornmaze.com for details.

Tobacco Road Raleigh Ghost Tour:

Dang I really need to get out more! This sounds super cool too! I did take a walking ghost tour in Savannah, Ga. a few years back, and it creeped me out a bit, but was super fun (especially when I laughed and farted out loud at the same time. Then peed my pants laughing. True story!). This tour includes a 1.5 mile walk (Come on, you can walk that!) to four different Ghost and paranormal sites in downtown Raleigh. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Go to www.tobaccoroadtours.com for more information.

The N.C. State Fair:

Oh people! You know I couldn’t highlight Fun Fall Festivities without mentioning The N.C. State Fair!!! If you’re anywhere close to Raleigh, NC, this is a MUST! Yes a MUST! Where else can you scream your head off on the Tilt-a-Whirl, eat a fried Twinkie, go to a Tractor Pull, watch the pig races and see the biggest pumpkin in history, all while rubbing elbows with people from all walks of life. I mean allllll walks! It’s the BEST! As I’ve gotten older, crowds have become more of an issue for me (in other words, people piss me off on the regular). To avoid the huge crowds, I try to go during the week. The earlier in the day the better.  This year the fair runs from October 11th – 21st. Get your tickets in advance to save!

Ok I could go on and on and on with Fun Fall Activities in our area. I’ve gotta get my butt in gear and do a few of these. What do y’all have planned for October? So much fun! So little time!

If you missed our ugly mugs this week, don’t worry. We will be back next week with some fun Halloween costumes! Don’t miss it!


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  1. Soooo much to do!!! I didn’t even realize some of these existed and I’ve lived in Knightdale most of my life!!!! Oh, well…gotta make some time to get involved and check ’em out! thanks, lady!

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