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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween!!! I always have. To me it’s almost a magical night. I love walking around our neighborhood and seeing all the families out trick-or-treating. I must say, the numbers get smaller and smaller each year, as all the kids are getting older. 😔 I am trying to enjoy every Halloween with my youngest. Each year I ask “Are you going Trick-or-Treating this year?” Each year I hold my breath just praying he says “yes”. I got another “yes” this year!! Woop! Woop!

So I am one of those grown folks that still enjoys dressing up for Halloween. Some years it’s been as simple as adding cat’s ears to a black shirt and black jeans. Other years have been much more involved. Either way, this Mama always has a costume of some sort to wear to hand out candy or walk around the hood. If I had a social life I might have a Halloween Party to go to. Oh well. Lol.

This year I started early scouring Pinterest for fun adult Halloween costumes. I wanted something super fun, that wasn’t terribly expensive, that even I could make. While I can put an outfit together with the best of em, I am NOT super crafty. If there are more than 3-4 steps, I’m out.

While perusing Pinterest I came across a number of cute options, but this Gumball Machine from Maria McGrath with The Joy of Fashion Blog, just jumped out at me!! Isn’t it freakin adorable!!! It’s so bright and colorful! I just love it! Bonus, it makes me look like I have Boobs! Winning at life over here!

While this costume is simple to make, it’s quite time intensive. I mean those fuzzy balls (Ha! Fuzzy balls) don’t glue themselves. Actually it was kind of relaxing gluing them on, one after the other, after the other, after the other, etc. etc. etc. My fingers were sticky for days! I had stuff sticking to my fingers like Clark on Christmas Vacation. Lol. But it was so worth it! I am tickled with how it turned out! I only wish I was this dang creative on my own. I mean what the heck did we do before Pinterest??

So to make this cutie, I ordered this red skater dress from Forever21. It was perfectly priced for this project. A word to the wise, you absolutely HAVE to order at least one size up. Trust me on this one. I have to admit, this bad boy was shorter than I had bargained for. If I bent over in this, I might have someone try to put a coin in another slot. Lol. So I will definitely be wearing biker shorts under the dress.

You will need a butt load of Pom Pom balls for the Gumballs. These guys can be expensive in store, so I turned to Amazon. I found these Pom Poms by Caydo for a very reasonable price. I, in true Antoinette fashion, ordered way too many. To cover the entire top of the dress, I used approximately 250 one inch pom poms. Yes I’m crazy!

To glue the Pom Poms on I used Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion.  I found this in store at Michael’s. They ain’t kiddin when they say “Quick Dry”! This stuff is da bomb! When gluing, make sure to put a piece of cardboard under the section you are working on. Dummy didn’t do this initially and stuck the front of my dress to the back. Sometimes I really worry about myself! There’s no set pattern in how I glued the balls on. I just made sure to vary the colors as I went along.

You will also need a piece of gray felt (Buy one sheet in store at Michael’s) and a black Sharpie to make the coin slot area. For added cuteness, glue additional gumballs to a $1.00 headband. BAM, you’ve got yourself an adorable, original costume for about $30. Not too shabby!

I would have loved a sweet pair of red Mary Janes to go with this costume, but I made due with my black ones. You know, because I’m so frugal. Hahaha! I crack myself up!

If you need a cute couples costume, your significant other could dress up as a big Quarter. Wouldn’t that be a hoot??

So let’s review what you’ll need for this costume:

Red Dress

Pom Pom Balls

felt (Only need one sheet. Purchase in store at Michael’s)

Black Sharpie

Fabric Glue

Head Band

So will you be dressing up this Halloween?? We would so love to hear about your costumes!! No for real, we really would! We ❤️ this stuff!!

I for one can’t wait to see Anjanette’s costume on Wednesday! How exciting! Y’all have yourselves an awesome week!


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  1. Omgosh, this is cute as hell! I love this costume and I can’t believe you made it for less than $30. You are so funny AND creative 😉

  2. Super cute Antoinette!! I can’t believe you glued all those pom poms on!! Hope its a warm Halloween night!! lol

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