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Yes it’s Wednesday, and no I’m not Anjanette. She is dealing with a sick boy, so, being the sweet sister that I am, I volunteered to fill in for her. . Yes I’m an angel! 😇 I thought I’d share a few more fun Halloween costumes with y’all today. Thus the title “More Fun Halloween Costumes”. Clever right??

While looking through Pinterest to find the costume I wanted to make (The Gumball Machine), I saw so many cute options. Some were simple and some not so much. Some were for couples and some for groups. I’m gonna share a little bit of everything. I hope you see something you dig! Let’s ALL dress up for Halloween!!!

Simple Costumes:


Scarecrow: This has been my easy go-to costume on several occasions. All you need is a pair of overalls, a cute plaid shirt and a straw hat.  Actually a pair of jeans would work just as well.   A pair of cowboy boots is a bonus! If my hair is long enough, I like to put it in pigtails. I am loving the makeup above! I usually just do rosy cheeks and some freckles. This makeup is so much cuter.

From: BuzzFeed

From: Chers Closet

Medusa: I am totally digging these two different takes on a Medusa costume. That’s sooo weird since I freakin HATE snakes!! I mean I despise those bastards!! For some reason, I find this costume super cool. These snakes were purchased at The Dollar Store. In the top version, they were simply glued, as is, to bobby pins and placed willy nilly in the hair. For the second version, the snakes were spray painted black and gold and glued to a simple headband. From there you will need a flowy dress, some chunky gold jewelry and some dramatic makeup.

From: Mr Costumes

Tic Tac Toe Board: This was the runner up in my Halloween costume search. I think this is super cute and would be simple to make, but why make it when you can buy it for about $20.00 at I mean I really enjoyed gluing on those 250 Pom Pom balls (can you hear the sarcasm?), but if you’re not into that, this is a good option. Just be prepared for strangers to want to “play” with you. That could be fun or super icky, you’ll have to decide.

Couple Costumes:

From: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

Bob Ross and His Happy Little Tree: Ok this couples costume is so AWESOME!!! Oh how I love watching Bob paint a lovely landscape picture while describing each addition with his soft, relaxing voice. I sit transfixed with drool running down my chin. He was the BEST! To see the details on how to make this costume, go to the link above.

From: Dreaming in DIY

Squints and Wendy Peffercorn: I cannot tell you how much my family and I love the movie “The Sandlot”. If you don’t like that movie, we can’t be friends. No, for real! It’s a deal breaker!! So of course I adore this couples costume from one of my absolute favorite scenes. If you’ve never seen this movie, what the heck are you waiting for?

Group Costume:

Scrabble Tiles: If you’re lucky enough to work somewhere that’s actually fun and lets you dress up for Halloween, don’t give up that job! Get your coworkers or buddies together and make these simple but fun Scrabble tiles. What’s so cool about this costume is it can be adjusted to how many folks you have participating and what word you want to spell. Simply cut a square from cardboard, cover with mailing paper, use a Sharpie or black tape to make your letter and number and use twine/ribbon to hang around your neck. So easy!

Favorite Punny Costume:

From: The House That Lars Built

She Sells Seashells Down by the Seashore: I’m a big fan of a punny costume! Ya know, like wearing all white and attaching trash to yourself to become “White Trash”. Or adding a big “P” to a shirt and giving yourself a black eye to become a “Black Eyed Pea”. I wish I was smart and creative enough to come up with one of these all by myself. Hasn’t happened yet, but a girl can dream. So when I saw this costume I thought “now that’s a good one right there.” Now you’re gonna have to be a pretty confident chick to strut around in your bathing suit at the end of October. I know those are gonna be some pasty white legs, but this costume is worth it! To see the details on how to put this together, check out the link above.

How FUN are all these costumes?? I hope something tickled your creative funny bone.  Hopefully Anjanette will be back Friday to show off her masterpiece.  See ya then!


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