Halloween Costumes Continued

Hey guys!  Yep, it’s Anjanette here on a Friday.  Thanks to Antoinette for covering for me on Wednesday while I dealt with a 13 year old with mysterious hives.  Ugghhh!!! I still haven’t determined the cause, but I’m pretty sure it was the cheap laundry detergent I bought to “save money”.  You see what happens when I try to be frugal? Never again!!!

Wow, I turned my head for 1 second and here it is October.  Wasn’t it just July?  Before we know it Halloween will be here.  Last year I got a bit carried away with my outside decorations, and this year is the same.  Now that my townhome has a small front porch, I have a place to display my skeletons.  Well, I can’t just sit them out there naked for all the world to see.  To spare them any embarrassment, I decided to dress them up.  Come Halloween Night I can’t just sit outside with my spiffy skeleton friends and not dress-up myself. Of course,  I usually make something out of what I have on hand.  I have been my share of hobos and gypsies.  That’s for sure.  But, thanks to this blog, I actually went to Walmart to check out their costume selection.  I was pleasantly surprised.  They had everything from complete ensembles to bits and pieces that you can add to your own clothes to create the Halloween look you want.

I found these beautiful butterfly wings for $9.98 and knew immediately that I wanted to morph into a monarch.  I used my own black tee and leggings. I then just slipped the wings over top and a butterfly is almost ready to fly.  Next I added a headband with leaves and smaller butterflies and black fishnet gloves.

Now it was time to head on over to the cosmetics department.  I wanted to create a butterfly face.  What does that look like, you may ask.  I went to Pinterest to find out for myself.  Although my final result was nowhere near as good as my inspiration picture, I don’t think it was a complete fail.  Weeeellll at least I got the colors right! I mean we’re practically identical, right?? Lol.

If your costume requires you to make-up your face, DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP CRAP ON THE COSTUME AISLE!!!  I learned this lesson the hard way last year.  I wanted to be a skeleton so I could match my porch buddies.  I bought a $4 kit with a black pencil, red pencil and white face make-up.  The more I tried to sponge on the white face stuff the worse it looked.  It was all splotchy and thin.  I ended up having to improvise with what was in my cosmetic bag.  The result was a paler version of myself with black circles around my eyes.  Basically me in the winter. Lol!  For my butterfly face, I was so happy to find a display from Wet-N-Wild and L’oreal with “Haunted” make-up.  The quality is waaayyy better, and it is so much easier to use.  The colors I found were beautiful too.  I will certainly use the lipstick again.  I used a black kohl eyeliner pencil that I already had and my own mascara.  I may add false eyelashes on Halloween Night or if I actually get invited to a party.  They had so many cool ones to choose from.

I love handing out candy to all the kiddos and seeing my neighbors.  We don’t get out of our houses and just socialize nearly enough.  I am the nice lady who gives candy to everyone. Even the teenagers.  Why not? They aren’t hurting anyone and everybody likes candy.  All I ask is that you dress-up!  If I can do it, so can you.

Again, we would love to hear if you plan to dress up this Halloween. Drop us a comment below! Now go have yourself an awesome weekend!!


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