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Wooo weeee Monday again. Ya know some weeks I have this Blog thing together and some weeks not so much. I have to admit, this was a “not so much” week. Some weeks the ideas just jump out of my brain. Other weeks I ride the Struggle Bus. This week I was driving that bad boy!!

So we decided to share a favorite OOTD. Not to be confused with OCD, ADHD, ODD, or ADD, OOTD is NOT a psychiatric diagnosis. It simply stands for “Outfit Of The Day”. Now you’re in the know! You’re welcome! 😊

Tee// Denim Skirt// Booties//

This OOTD is simple perfection! There’s little I love more (clothes wise anyway) than a white Tee and denim. That may be a white tee and jeans, a white tee with a denim Jacket or, like above, a white tee and a badass denim pencil skirt. There are so many ways to wear this combo. It’s classic, effortless and chic.

Now I’ve been searching for the perfect denim skirt for a while. Everything was either grandma looking or so short you couldn’t sit or bend or otherwise move in it. When I saw this cutie, I knew my search was over. I stalked this denim pencil skirt on JCrew until they had a 40% off sale. My patience paid off!! It’s AH-MAZ-ING!!! It has a higher waist and hugs me in all the right places. I always feel so sexy and sophisticated in a pencil skirt. This one is no different! The length is perfect, and the asymmetrical front buttons give it a bit of an edge. It also has some stretch. Who doesn’t appreciate a little extra stretch? Even with the extra stretch, I had to go up a size. I didn’t appreciate that at all!!

Next let’s top it off with the perfect white crew neck tee. I have no less than 10 different white tees in my drawer, but they are not all created equally. I nabbed this one at Target, and I love it just as much as the pricey ones from JCrew and Madewell. It’s made from a thick cotton, and is nice and soft. It has held its shape well through many a washing. In other words, it’s a winner, winner 🍗 dinner!

I have to tell ya, I tried on every pair of boots and booties I own with this skirt before I settled on these open-toe brown suede beauties I bought years ago (Similar Here and Here). They were just the right mix of casual and sexy. Honestly, this skirt looked super cool with my cowboy boots, my riding boots, my leopard ankle boots, everything!!

This outfit can be changed up in so many ways. Add different boots and a different necklace, and you’ve got a totally different look. How awesome is that!!!

I hope you enjoyed my OOTD. I know it’s not flashy, but it’s a classic. This denim skirt is versatility at its best. Go getcha one!

We will see y’all back here Wednesday for Anjanette’s OOTD. Have a good one my friends!


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