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Hey guys, happy Wednesday!  I hope your week has been great so far.  Mine has.  I know sometimes our weeks just run together, and we get bogged down with our everyday “chores”.  You know what I’m talking about.  Running kids everywhere, going to work, cooking supper, washing clothes, cleaning, etc. We do so much and take for granted that we’ll get up tomorrow and be able to do it all again.  That is until, God forbid, we can’t.  I was able to help a friend on Monday who hates that he can no longer do the everyday things he has done his entire life.  His name is Kelly Paris and he is my son Nathan’s batting coach.  He discovered in August that he has stage 4 lung cancer.  It just totally sucks balls!!!  He played baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals and won a World Series.  He wears his ring all the time.  I mean, why the hell not?  He has spent many years coaching and teaching kids everything he knows about baseball.  They love him and we parents do too.  I guess what I am getting at is don’t dread your ordinary days.  Embrace them!!  Be thankful that your body was able to get up today and do all that it normally does.  Slow down and appreciate the day in and day out.  Some people don’t get those ordinary days any more.  I was blessed to be able to help clean his house.  I am thankful for this body of mine and what it is able to do every day.  Please say a little healing prayer for Coach Kelly so he can get back to what he loves doing.

Now, onto my outfit of the day.  Raenette came to spend the weekend with me, and I put her butt to work.  First we decorated the outside of my place for Halloween, and then I recruited her to be my photographer.

Top// Similar Pants // Shoes// Necklace

I love denim as much as Antoinette.  I know I have at least 8 different denim tops.  This is one of my favorites from Loft (Similar Here and Here). I bought it a couple of years ago and have worn it many times.  I love that it is a darker color and not clingy at all.  I picked up these red and white railroad stripe cropped jeans (These are sold out but HERE is another cute pair) several months ago when Loft had a 40% off sale.  This is my first time wearing them because it has been so damned hot!  Aren’t they cute though?  They would be every bit as cute with a white button down and navy cardigan.  My Croc Boat Shoes add just the right amount of preppy to my look.  Oh, and don’t forget your accessories!  I grabbed my favorite red wooden beads to tie it all together.  There ya go!  Another easy to pull together, sharp as a tack outfit.

Come back Friday to hear more of what Raenette and I did on her visit to Lake Wylie.


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  1. Beautiful reminder, Anjanette. Thank you. Praying for Coach Kelly. Wow.

    Now, I just have to say – put a real team jersey on your skeleton buddy and he would’ve matched your decor! 😉. Lol. Look at me Bragging on my Steelers just because they finally showed up!

    1. Well, if my boyfriend had his way, they would be wearing Steelers’ Jerseys too. Not on MY porch!! Lol I have started cheering for them some though.

  2. wonderful reminder!
    it is so very easy to get aggravated with our daily grind
    being aware that some are not able to have a daily grind is important

    i will say a prayer for your friend and add a thank you for allowing me to have the abilities i do have

    thank you for sharing

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