A Fun Weekend

This past weekend Raenette traveled to the big city of Lake Wylie/Clover to visit me.  There was no particular reason for the visit.  I guess she just missed my beautiful face😁

Friday night we went to eat supper at 4:00pm with all of the blue hairs (old people).  After dinner and a couple of drinks we hurried home, put on our pj’s, mixed more drinks, hit the couch and rented a scary movie.  While Antoinette isn’t into anything spooky, Raenette and I dig it!!!  Well, Raenette had seen a movie call “Hereditary” like 3 times and wanted me to see it.  Let’s just say it was sufficiently creepy and caused me to yell out “oh shit” at least 4 times.  Raenette, knowing what to expect, found mu screams of shock hilarious.  The more we drank, the funnier it all became.  It was so worth the $6 rental fee.

Saturday was spent getting my townhouse Halloween ready.  This involved attaching a huge spider web and several large spiders to my garage door along with hanging bat skeletons in my tree (yes, I only have 1).  We also put spider webs in my shrubs and dressed-up my skeletons.  I keep trying to come up with names for my porch friends.  Any suggestions?  The final touch was my skeleton wolf (GO WOLFPACK!) that howls and has glowing eyes.  Oooooo…bring on the ghosts and goblins.

Saturday night I had purchased us tickets to “The Glow: A Jack-O-Lantern Experience” at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  It’s the first year this event has taken place in Charlotte, so I thought we would check it out.  We walked along a 1/3 mike trail filled with over 5,000 hand carved jack-o-lanterns (at least that’s what the website said).  We saw everything from dragons to dinosaurs, monsters to motorcycles, sea life and Day of the Dead Calaveras (the pretty skulls).  There was even a complete band carved out of pumpkins!!  We didn’t get to see the band play long because some circuit along the way tripped and the lights went out.  Oh well, we were at the end anyway.

Our weekend was the perfect mix of relaxing, hanging out, eating and exploring.  I love when my sisters come to visit!

See y’all back here Monday for more Fall Fashion!


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