Sweet, Sweet Sweater Time

Here it is Wednesday, AGAIN!! I know I said something last week about cherishing all your days, but boy, do they fly by.  This week went so fast that I wasn’t able to get pictures of me in my sweaters.  I tried! I swear!!  It just didn’t work out.  That’s life sometimes, but we are gonna roll with the punches.

Like Antoinette said on Monday, we FINALLY got our first taste of Fall weather this past weekend.  I absolutely loved it.  Too bad it only lasted 2 days.  Today I was back to sweating like a fat one-legged hooker working both sides of the street.  I was sweating like a group of nuns in a cucumber field.  I was sweating like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee.  You know what I mean.

Sweater// Cami// Leggings// Boots

The next time it turns cool I will be reaching for one of my favorite new sweaters.  Sweater shopping used to be so much easier when I was younger.  Hell, what wasn’t?  Now I only want lightweight sweaters out of non-itchy material. Plus,  I have to be able to easily get out of that bad boy when the temps rise (whether internally or externally). This first one meets all of my criteria. I found this camouflage duster at Versona.  Unfortunately they do not offer it online, but here is a similar one.  Now, if you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know my sisters and I own many pieces in camo, but, I didn’t have a sweater!  Can you believe that?  I plan to wear this with either my black pleather leggings or jeans.  Underneath I’ll add a touch of femininity with an ivory ruffled camisole.  My camel colored combat boots complete my girly military look.

Sweater// Cami// Skirt// Boots// Necklace

My 2nd sweater selection is this cute little leopard number.  As you know (thanks to us) animal prints are everywhere right now.  As far as I’m concerned, cheetah, zebra, and giraffe are classics that never go out of style.  Now, grab your sexy black cami or favorite white button down, black pencil skirt and brown boots. There you are, a well put together badass woman!

Sweater// Jeans// Boots

I couldn’t resist this super soft pink and white striped pull-over on my last trip to Target.  No, I didn’t go there for that Janet.  If you must know, I went to search for orange Halloween lights in order to create a fake fire so my porch skeleton friends could roast marshmallows and stay warm.  Anywho,  I somehow ended up in the ladies clothing department and there it was, just waiting for me.  It has a cute twist in the front but is long enough to hide what needs to be hidden.  I will wear this with my grey skinny jeans and burgundy Frye Boots.

So again, sorry y’all didn’t get to see my pretty face this week. But you did get to see some pretty sweaters. Friday we will finish off with more sweet sweaters. Come on back to see us.


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